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Kiyoshi Nagahama
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Made the short (5 min.) narrative film "Final Sequence," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is described thus: "Life is a series of sequential events, and there is always a final sequence. After an ill-fated but successful robbery, a man finds his way into an alley crowded with memories." Shot in 16mm.
Nick Name
Latter-day Saint (non-practicing). Birth name: Kent James. San-Francisco-based GLBT punk rock singer. Nick Name is the subject of the documentary 75-minute "Nick Name & the Normals" (2004), which was produced, directed and edited by Howie Skora. (This was Skora's first significant film work). The documentary tells Nick Name's life story. He was a devout Latter-day Saint from Logan, Utah who served a full time-mission for the Church in Argentina. After his mission he launched a successful country music career in Nashville, but then then embraced a GLBT lifestyle, left his wife, moved to San Francisco, and transformed himself into the shave-headed, anger-driven gay punk rocker "Nick Name." He has told interviewers he did not "completely realize he was gay" until he was 21 years old and living in New York City. The documentary about him was released in 2004, debuting in London, England at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on 2 April 2004, and was later shown on 8 June 2004 at the New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. As a GLBT musical performer of some notoriety, Nick Name has achieved a minor celebrity status. He had a small role in the low-budget 2004 film "Hellbent," which was billed as the first-ever gay slasher horror flick. He appeared in an episode of the short-lived 2001 reality TV series "Flipped." According to he was the composer for the 14-minute animated short film "Diploma Dilemma" (1987), made by Canadian George Geertsen, but based on the year that film was released, this credit might be in the database only because the pseudonym "Nick Name" was used as an onscreen credit in that film. Film review of "Nick Name and the Normals" written by Rich Cline, who saw the documentary at its London premiere (
This entertaining documentary about the notorious gay punk rocker Nick Name (aka Kent James) somehow manages to balance an obvious reverence for Nick with a willingness to push and probe for more uncomfortable truth. Where it really comes to life is in its examination of James' youth. He was born in a strict Mormon family in Utah and grew up in the church, even completing his missionary service in Argentina as a young man. From here he became a rising-star country and western singer in Nashville, until one day he finally had enough of pretending to be something he wasn't. He left his fake-trophy wife, shaved his head, moved to San Francisco and became the outspoken gay revolutionary Nick Name.

Writer-director Skora paints a remarkable portrait of this man using concert footage, interviews with his band-mates (Morris and Rattner), manager (Lucky) and former collaborators (Helmut and Ryzie). And he really goes after Nick himself with the camera, never letting him dodge tough questions or situations as he follows him for a year on tour. We learn a lot about him through his music; the thoughtful country tracks and rowdy rock numbers are skillful expressions of emotion and/or bitterness. There's a good-natured humour and camaraderie that makes these people very likable ... and makes the film great fun to watch. Nick is so irate that you know there's a lot going on inside. He's also a gifted musician with pin-up boy looks, stacks of personality and a tough sense of humour that sometimes tries too hard in a Jim Carrey sort of way.

The film is a slightly self-indulgent inside job, assuming some knowledge of Nick's musical career. And Skora spends too much time on the various scandalous incidents, which do make great cinema verite! But the film is best when it cracks Nick's hard-as-steel shell and we see him wistfully longing to fit in ("People get me in Europe--here it's a chore"; "When I get to New York there's a good chance I'm not coming back"). This uncovers a surprisingly thoughtful and vulnerable man who only accepted his sexuality in his late 20s and now has trouble acknowledging his soft side. No wonder he's so angry. [themes, strong language]

Description of the documentary from the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival website (, written by Brian Robinson:
A gay punk singer with a difference, Nick Name is a shaven headed muscle boy, [a disaffected] Mormon, an ex-Country & Western singer formally known as Kent James. Skora, a fan, spent a year recording a concert tour around the Western United States and capturing the reactions of fans and enemies alike. Testosterone charged and angry, with explicit lyrics (sample: 'I like to buck my boyfriend and I want to hear him squeal') that do not always appeal to everyone in his audience, Nick is an unrepentant warrior for a liberation from gay conformity. This world premiere is an up close and dirty portrait of a talented original. Warning: sexually explicit lyrics, parental advisory.

Brian Nash
Latter-day Saint. Born in 1956 in Glendale, California. Child actor. Best known for his role as "Joey Nash" on the sitcom "Please Don't East the Daisies," which ran for 2 seasons from 1965 to 1967. Also starred as "Buddy Grady" in the sitcom "Mickey" (1964-1965). Bio from website about that series (
Born in 1956 in Glendale, CA. Guest appearances included The Virginian, Bewitched, The Invaders, The Brady Bunch, The Munsters, and The Dick Van Dyke Show. At the age of seven heco-starred with Doris Day and James Garner in the feature 'The Thrill Of It All' in which he was so professional that when a small girl mistakenly said his line, he came right back with hers, prompting the director to tell Brian's mother Wanda that even most adult actors wouldn't be as adept. Brian got his start when his brother's singing teacher brought him to an agent's attention and with his two brothers he was cast in the memorable Wonder Bread commercial in which a boy grows into an older body before our eyes. He co-starred in Mickey Rooney's '64 series'Mickey', then landed in Please Don't Eat the Daisies... an avid baseball fan... was called back several times as one of the last three finalists for the part of John Boy Walton. His last acting job was in the '75 Saturday morning show 'Isis'... After graduating from Verdugo Hills High School, Brian attended Brigham Young University..He spent 2 years in South America for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He later married and became a stockbroker in Southern California.

Gary Nate
Lives in Ogden, Utah. Cinematographer and stunt coordinator. Cinematographer for the Warren Miller winter sports documentaries "Storm" (2002) and "Freeriders" (1998). Did photography for the Warren Miller documentaries "Snowriders" (1996) and "Snowriders II" (1997).
David Nauta
Lives in Utah County. Sometimes credited as: Dave Nauta. Credited with "film lab", "film transfer", "film processing", "digital transfer engineer", "colorist" and/or "color correction" for numerous films made at BYU, including the KBYU documentaries "The Best Crop: A History of Orchard Farming in Orem, Utah" (2002) and "The Call of Story" (2002), and the KBYU student films "Daybreak" (2000), "Roots & Wings" (2002), "Just Say When" (2000), "The Wrong Brother" (2000) and "Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath" (1997).
William Neathery
Born 1 October 1922, Springfield, Illinois. Died 17 February 1999, Provo, Utah. Had a small role as "Gramps" in the animated film "Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here" (1987).
Loren Nebeker
Lives in West Valley, Utah. Video playback operator for the direct-to-video movie "The Crow: Salvation" (2000) and for the TV movies "The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All" (1999) and "Divided by Hate" (1997). Playback operator (sound department) for "Drive Me Crazy" (1999).
Bruce Neibaur
Latter-day Saint. Award-winning documentary and dramatic filmmaker. Won the award for Best Feature Drama Film at the Santa Clarita International Film Festival for "The Ghosts of Dickens' Past" (1998). Won the Children's Jury Award at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival for "Friendship's Field" (1995). Other direct-to-video films he directed for Feature Films For Families are "In Your Wildest Dreams" (1991) and "The ButterCream Gang" (1992). Also directed "America: the Dream Goes On" and "Both Sides of the Law" (2001). Although he began his career as a dramatic director, his most successful films have been documentaries (or "docudramas"), and he is one of the world's leading directors of IMAX films. His first IMAX film "Hearst Castle: Building the Dream" (1996) was followed up with "Mysteries of Egypt" (1998), which has grossed more than $70 million worldwide (more than $40 million in the U.S.), making it one of the most successful documentaries in film history. In 2002 he released two more IMAX films, "Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West" and "India: Through The Eyes of the Tiger." He is currently working on an IMAX documentary about the life and discoveries of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking.
Cynthia A. Neibaur
Lives in Draper, Utah. Also known as: Cynthia Neibaur. Set decorator for the Feature Films For Families video "The ButterCream Gang" (1991), which was directed by Bruce Neibaur.
Glen Neibaur
Lives in American Fork, Utah with his wife Elizabeth. Sometimes credited as: Glen Niebaur. Music supervisor for the Feature Films For Families video "The ButterCream Gang" (1992). Music scoring mixer for "The Ascent" (1994). Music scoring engineer for Blair Treu's movies "Wish Upon a Star" (1996) and "Just Like Dad" (1995). Recording engineer for the TV movie "Survivors of the Holocaust (1996). Assistant recording engineer for "A Nightmare on Elm Street 7: New Nightmare" (1994) and the Leucadia TV movie "Windrunner" (1995). Score mixer for the TV movie "The Cisco Kid" (1994).
Gary Neilson
Lives in Utah. Actor. Had a major supporting role as "Edward Riley", the father of the title character in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002). Stage roles include major roles in The Pajama Game and 42nd Street, both at the Grand Theatre in Utah, 2000.
J. Daniel Nell
Latter-day Saint. Born 12 October 1972 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Also credited as: Danno Nell; J. Daniel "Danno" Nell. Director of producer Cary Derbidge's independent Book of Mormon-themed film "The Stripling Warriors," also known as "The Last Great Army." "The Stripling Warriors" was originally filmed in June of 1999, in Kaysville, Utah by Dreamland Productions. The company was unable to complete production, and Nell's production company Envision Entertainment has since bought the production from Dreamland. Nell has plans to finish production, this time in Hawaii. He has trimmed the script so that the movie's running time will be reduced from 3 hours and 20 minutes to under 130 minutes. Writer and director of "Twelve Hours at a Train Station," currently in development. Writer and director of "The Road Providence," which is currently in pre-development, awaiting production funds. Nell's screenplays "One Night at a Train Station" and "The Appointment" competed in the 2002 Salt Lake City Film Festival screenplay competition. Nell's 12-minute film "Descent into Madness" premiered on his website on 1 November 2002 and was then screened at the Utah Film & Video Center as part of the November 2002 "Works from around the Wasatch Front" program. The film is described thus: "A controversial short film which focuses on the very real threat of school shootings. This film was created as a reminder to everyone, Terror always starts somewhere, it has no bias, not race, color, religion, or continent. It happens at home, school, work, in the streets, it's victims are our friends, families, neighbors, adversaries. Descent into madness was written with a simple question in mind: Where does it start? Which brings up a very real question, Where does it end?" Director of CDI Media Commercial Film. Company: Envision Entertainment, Inc., based in Taylorsville, Utah. In late 2002 the Nell's Envision staff included producer Jennifer Blaylock, cinematographer David Stosich, storyboarder Byron Stoddard and filmmaker Michael Worthen. Website: Bio from Envision website:
Danno began his film career as a screenwriter in 1996. His first full length feature screenplay was used as a stepping stone to who and sell his abilities in the film industry. He sold his first screenplay "The 2000 Stripling Warriors" in 1999 to Dreamland Productions, a film which he also directed in Kaysville, Utah in June of 1999. Since his Directorial debut, Danno has written 9 feature length screenplay, 4 short screenplays, several Commercial scripts (i.e. 30- and 60-second commercials), and a teleplay for a #1 hit series. He has also worked in virtually every facet of the film industry. Since 1999 he has worked as a producer, Director of Photography, Lighting Director, Gaffer, Grip, Sound Engineer, Boom Operator, and has even developed a television series. As of November 2002, Danno has 2 full length features in development, and is finishing up a short documentary on one homeless man in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is also Producer for a series of international dance videos specifically focused on ballroom dancing and the like.

Barbara Nelson
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Also credited as: Barbara Joan Nelson. Costume designer for "Heaven Sent" (1994), Leucadia's "Breaking Free" (1995) and short film "Alyson's Closet" (1998). Costume supervisor for the TV movies "Windrunner" (1995), "The Man with Three Wives" (1993). Key costumer for the movies "Unhook the Stars" (1996) and "Neon City" (1992). Second-billed actress in Rick Page's short film "Water with Food Coloring" (2001).
Craig Richard Nelson
Born 17 September 1947, Salt Lake City. Actor. Regular part on 1974 TV series "Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers." Regular player on "The Carol Burnett Show" in 1979. Guest roles on many TV series, including: Star Trek: Voyager; Home Improvement; Grace Under Fire; Murder, She Wrote; Wings"; Diagnosis Murder; Night Court; Star Trek: The Next Generation; Alien Nation; Forever Knight; L.A.; Amazing Stories. A director on "Square Pegs" TV series (1982). Small roles in at least 15 films, including: Another You (1991); Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989); My Bodyguard (1980); The Paper Chase (1973).
Darlene Nelson
Lives in the Moab, Utah area. Seamstress with credits including the feature films "Geronimo: An American Legend" (1993) and "Larger Than Life" (Warner Brothers), as well as commercials, including Gillette (Fahrenheit Films).
Eric Nelson
Latter-day Saint. Wrote the short screenplay "Miracle Man," which competed in the 2002 LDS Film Festival. Director of the short experimental student film "Eternal Sleep," which competed in BYU's 2003 Final Cut film festival. The film is a modern twist on the tale of Snow White, has been submitted to a number of festivals and was awarded "Best Frontier Film" a the Windsong Film Festival. Was the film editor of the experimental student film "The Kelly Auction," which was a group project for a BYU class, with different students taking turns directing. "The Kelly Auction" also competed at 2003 Final Cut.
George D. Nelson
Latter-day Saint. Associate Professor of Theatre and Film at Brigham Young University (BYU). Director of the video series "How to Deal With Difficult Learners" (1996) and "Understanding Personality Styles: A Key to Effective Teaching" (1995). Also the director of Lowe Family music videos (1993-94).
Mark Nelson
Producer, partner and editor at Metropolis Integrated Media in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bio from company web page (
Mark has been an independent producer/editor since 1982, providing award-winning writing and post-production for such clients as Phillips Digital Video Systems, Browning Arms, Marker Ski Bindings, Rossignol Skis and other outdoor sports and medical clients.

Portia Nelson
Born 27 May 1920, Brigham City, Utah. Died 6 March 2001, New York City. Birth name: Betty Mae Nelson. Actress, singer, author. Played "Mrs. Rachel Gurney" on the daytime soap opera "All My Children" from 1980 to 1990. Composed the score for the feature film "Montana Belle" (1952). Had a major role as "Sarah Dolittle" in the popular feature film "Doctor Dolittle" (1967). Played "Sister Berthe" in the hit musical "The Sound of Music" (1965). Also played a nun in "The Trouble with Angels" (1966). Small roles in "Can't Stop the Music" (1980). The Other (1972; a.k.a. "L' Autre"); "The Mystery of the Chinese Junk" (1967), and the TV movie "Rage of Angels" (1983). TV series guest appearances on "Chico and the Man" and "The Big Valley." IMDb bio, (,+Portia):
Not only had a major career on the Broadway Stage but was a top attraction in the best Nightclubs across the country. Adopted first name Portia because friends called her by that name, after the main character in the radio soap opera "Portia Faces Life". Youngest of nine children. Portia Nelson is the author of the book There's A Hole In My Sidewalk: The Romance of Self Discovery. Originally published in the 1970's, it was reissued in 1994. The title work appears on a poster in Dr. Maguire's office (Robin Williams) in the film "Good Will Hunting" (1997).

Robert Nelson
Latter-day Saint. Talented Utah-based actor. Played "Elijah" in the short dramatic film "Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath" (1997), produced at LDS Motion Picture Studios and available on video. Had a major role in the Feature Films For Families video "In Your Wildest Dreams" (1991). Small roles the feature films "Brigham City" (2001), "The F-Zone" (1998), and "Just Write" (1997). Small role in the national award-winning BYU short student film "The Wrong Brother" (2000).
Timothy J. Nelson
Salt Lake City, Utah. Also credited as: Tim Nelson; Tim Nelson, Sr. In 1989 Tim launched Holy Cow! Film Productions, recently rated one of the top five production companies in Utah by The Enterprise business publication and boasts a healthy share of film business in several markets. Writer/director of Utah-made family-friendly movies "The Penny Promise" (2001), "Jumping for Joy" (2000), and "No More Baths" (1998). "The Penny Promise" had a limited theatrical release. The other movies were shown on the Disney Channel. Also the director of the Feature Films For Families movie "Who Gets the House?", which was released on 450 screens in October 2000. Producer of "Beach Birds for Camera" (1992) and "Changing Steps" (1989). Writer/director of over 200 commercials. As an actor he played "Lt. Carstairs St. John" in the short-lived TV series "Hollywood Detective" (1991). Principle character playing John in the film noir psycho murder mystery "Widows Weeds" (1981) which won Best of Show in the Athens International Film Festival and the Milano Film Festival, Italy. Also had small roles in low-budget films and TV movies: Mothers, Daughters and Lovers (1989); Stranger on My Land (1988); At Mother's Request (1987); Widows Weeds (1981). Played a Harvard hockey scout on an episode of "Touched by an Angel." Nelson was the programming director for the 1st Annual Salt Lake Children's Film Festival, held in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002. He talked to the Salt Lake Tribune about this event, saying: "Being such a family state, it's about time we have a festival focused on children. These films let children know they have a voice. All these films are about living your dreams and standing up for what you believe is right." Nelson's films "The Penny Promise" and "No More Baths" were shown at the festival, along with Blair Treu's "Little Secrets", Mark Swan's "The Princess and the Pea" and Mark Medoff's "Children On Their Birthdays." Nelson's website:
Josh Nesseth
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Self-described "artist and actor." Wrote (Deseret News letter to the editor, 22 January 2003): "As an artist and an actor, I have watched quietly as movies have diverged from being a canvas for socially forbidden issues to a slew of pointless, fun shows that make the people who watch them walk away with a 'good' feeling. This is painful."
Lance Neward
Lives in Sandy, Utah. Also known as: Lance M. Neward. Background extra in "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" (2001) and the Feature Films For Families video "Jumping for Joy" (1999). Has appeared in commercials for American Investment Bank, Pharmanex/NuSkin, Stilson & Stilson. Has appeared on stage at the Claremont Community Theater and Glendora Community Theater in Night of January 16th and "All-American Music Night" (announcer/narrator). Has been a sports announcer (play-by-play) for the All Navy Softball Tournament and Navy Swimming tournament.
Bruce Newbold
Latter-day Saint. Actor. Mostly television and stage work, including TV movies, Church videos and series guest spots. Host of the PBS TV series "Legacy West" (1997), episodes of which are sold as videos. Major role in the Disney TV movie "Poof Point" (2001). Played "Parley P. Pratt" in the major Church video "How Rare a Possession." Major or starring roles in a number of other Church-produced videos: Believe on His Name (2001); Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd (2000); The Restoration of the Priesthood; The Lamb of God (1993). Stars in the CD-ROM "Temples in the Latter Days" (2002). Small roles in the TV movies: The Penny Promise (2001); A Place to Be Loved (1993); Daughter of the Streets (1990); Scorned and Swindled (1984); The Executioner's Song (1982). TV series guest appearances include: Touched by an Angel; Melrose Place; Reasonable Doubts; Tour of Duty; Highway to Heaven; Sisters; L.A. Law; Hill Street Blues; Mancuso FBI; Major Dad; Silk Hope. Author of the book In Our Father's Footsteps. Cast as Moroni in Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie (2003). Bio from Book of Mormon movie website (
Bruce has appeared in dozens of feature films, television shows and stage plays. Some of his film credits include: The Poof Point (Disney), Daughter of the Streets (20th Century Fox), A place to Be Loved (CBS), Silk Hope (CBS), A More Perfect Union (PBS), The Executioner's Song, A Place to Be Loved, Silk Hope, The Penny Promise and Where Rivers Meet. Bruce has appeared in many motion pictures produced by the LDS Church including: How Rare a Possession, The Lamb of God and Testaments.

In addition to his many motion picture roles, Bruce is a veteran actor in some of the most popular shows on television, including: Melrose Place, L.A. Law, Sisters, Tour of Duty, Hill Street Blues, Highway to Heaven, Major Dad, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Paradise, Reasonable Doubts, Promised Land, Everwood, Touched by an Angel and many more.

Bruce's stage credits include; King Lear, The Three Sisters, 1776, Star Spangled Girl, Long Day's Journey Into Night, Annie Get Your Gun, Terra Nova, A Marriage Proposal, Macbeth and more.

Dave Newbold
One of numerous credited "story consultants" for T.C. Christensen's "Bug Off!" (2001).
Aubrey Newell
Latter-day Saint. Direct of "The Whisper" (2003, 11 minutes, color), an experimental film that was screened at the 3rd LDS Film Festival in January 2004 as part of the "Gospel Themes" program. The film is described thus: "A little girl contemplates the future, her dreams and her potential. She discovers the gentle, nurturing voice of confidence emanating from within."
Coke Newell
Latter-day Saint (convert). Served a full-time mission in the Colombia Cali Mission. Lives in Layton, Utah. Works as a media relations officer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Wrote the feature-length screenplays "Strokes" and "Private Poverty," which competed in the 2002 LDS Film Festival. Newell's feature-length screenplay "Dying Words" was a finalist in the Third Quarter 2002 WriteSafe Present-A-Thon contest. He is the author of the non-fiction book Latter Days: A Guided Tour Through Six Billion Years of Mormonism, released nationally by New York's St. Martin's Press in 2000. In 2003 Newell won both First and Third place in Third Annual Irreantum short fiction writing contest. The contest judges considered 77 entries without knowing who the authors were. Newell won for "The Education of Little Tree Boy" and "Haun's Mill." Gave a presentation at the 3rd LDS Film Festival in March 2004 which was described thus: "Coke... He is a media relations officer for the Church and will talk about media and public relations for independent filmmakers."
Neil Newell
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Orem, Utah. Also known as: Neil K. Newell. Screenwriter for "A Voice from the Dust," a series of feature films based on the Book of Mormon. Bio from the project website (
Newell has written more than a score of plays and screenplays, published a novel, and his byline has appeared on more than 40 articles in national publications. Over the last two decades he has taught writing at college and university levels. He currently teaches writing at Brigham Young University and is a professional writer for the LDS Church. He received a MFA degree in professional writing from the University of Southern California.
Bio from Encore (
Neil Newell was born in Orem, Utah and attended Brigham Young University where he received a BS degree in Business Management and the University of Southern California where he received an MFA in Professional Writing. He has taught Creative Writing at Clark County Community College in Las Vegas and at Utah Valley State College. He has also taught Advanced Playwrighting at Brigham Young University. Various articles and short stories of his have been published in national magazines. His science fiction novel, "THE RELUCTANT WIZARD" was published by Manor Books. In addition to his collaboration on the music and lyrics for "KEWPIE" and "TURN THE GAS BACK ON" with Max C. Golightly and C. Michael Perry he has written the music and some book and lyric elements for "PINOCCHIO" with Max. These plays have been published by Encore Performance Publishing. He has also written the book, music and lyrics for "LOVERS AND OTHERS" and "COVENANTS". Since Max's death Neil and Mike have continued their partnership with "ANNE...WITH AN 'E': THE GREEN GABLES MUSICAL" and "GREAT EXPECTATIONS." He works for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a researcher/writer. He is married to Ariane Moffit, also of Orem, and has five children.

Joseph M. Newman
Born 7 August 1909, Logan, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Joe Newman; Joseph Newman. A top Hollywood director of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Director of at least 35 feature films. Twice nominated for Academy Awards in the "Best 2nd Unit Director" category for "San Francisco" (1936) and "David Copperfield" (1935). One of the best known films directed by Newman was "This Island Earth" (1954), based on the novel by Latter-day Saint author Raymond F. Jones. It was perhaps the biggest science fiction film of the 1950s, and was the film featured in the 1996 movie version of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000." Newman's other films include: The Big Circus (1959); Red Skies of Montana (1952); A Thunder of Drums (1961); 711 Ocean Drive (1950); Dangerous Crossing (1953); Pony Soldier (1952); Tarzan, the Ape Man (1959); Love Nest (1951); Fort Massacre (1958); The George Raft Story (1961); The Great Dan Patch (1949); The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959). Also directed for TV series, including: The Big Valley; The Alfred Hitchcock Hour; The Twilight Zone; Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse; Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
Richard Newman
Executive Vice President of Marketing for Wembly Hall Theatre Company. Bio from Wembly Hall website (
By far the funnest and funniest member of Wembly Hall, Richard brings to the company an array of talents. Mr. Newman was a stand up comedian for five years a various places and at UVSC studied computer graphic design. While at college, he had created and produced numerous posters for local plays. In his life he has managed at McDonalds, the Incredible Universe and was a supervisor at Office Max. Some of his major accomplishments and awards include such things as having a sculpture being placed in the Springfield Art Museum, has been placed in the top five in every major comedian competition, was featured in City Weekly as one of the funniest comedians, was placed in advanced art classes such as drawing, sculpting, painting, portraits, and linoleum prints. Richard also makes an appearance in Abby Singer, and helped in the editing of the film. Other contributions that Mr. Newman has made include: designing a poster for Abby Singer, cutting a demo tape of a variety of cover songs, created and produced many of the story boards for Wembly Hall Theatre Companies film. On Mr. Newmanbs list of silly and crazy things that he has done includes: dressing up as yogi bear and knocking kids over, knocking over a port-o-potty after a dressed up gentlemen was in it at the carnival, has ran around and acted like a philoso-raptor at a warehouse and attacked people from above, and somehow always gets a picture with the hottest girls in the room. Currently Mr. Newman is working on a comic book called cThe Comediansd, which is featuring different comedians.

Kelly Jean Newman-Dye
Lives in Park City, Utah. Cosume assistant on "A Midnigh Clear" (1991). Other costume/wardrobe credits include: Touched by an Angel, A Home of Our Own, A Midnight Clear, The President's Child, Double Jeopardy.
David E. Neyman
Lives in Orem, Utah. Also known as: David Neyman. Unit production manager for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Singles Ward" (2003). Production manager and first assistant director for the direct-to-video feature film "The Robin Hood Gang" (1997), which has been shown on cable TV. Also has a bit part as a police detective (the small one) in "The Singles Ward." Foley artist for the short film "Gold Fever" (1990), which was made largely by BYU students.
Alex Nibley
Latter-day Saint. Adjunct Film and Multi-Media Professor at Utah Valley State College. Lives in Draper, Utah. Actor. Bit parts in the TV movie "Firestarter 2: Rekindled" (2002) and the film "Just a Dream" (2001). Co-writer (with Brian R. Capenter) of the documentary "The Faith of an Observer: Conversations with Hugh Nibley" (1985), produced at BYU. Bit part in the LDS Cinema movie "Mormons and Mobsters" (2005).
David Nibley
Latter-day Saint. Also credited as: Dave Nibley. Lives in Cedar Hills, Utah. Graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU). Had a starring (4th billed) role as district leader "Elder Johnson" in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Best Two Years" (2003). Was one of five Latter-day Saint comedians featured in the direct-to-video live comedy concert "It's Latter-day Night" (2003).
Hugh Nibley
Latter-day Saint. Renowned Latter-day Saint scholar and writer. Professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University. Nibley is the subject of a documentary produced by BYU Motion Picture Studios in 1985: "The Faith of an Observer: Conversations with Hugh Nibley." An address he presented is featured on the video "Hugh Nibley on the Meaning of Temples," sold in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores. Hugh Nibley is the subject of a documentary produced by Major Scale Productions.
Lydia Nibley
Raised as a Latter-day Saint (now disaffected). Previously lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now lives in Denver, Colorado. Lydia Nibley and her husband Russell Martin form "Say Yes Quickly," which (according to their website) develops novels, documentary films, screenplays, stories and other types of non-fiction works. Nibley's past television-related work includes work on the children's program "ZiNj TV" and ZiNj Magazine, based in Salt Lake City. Nibley's audio and text projects include: "The First League Out From Land" (co-authored with Russell Martin); "Girls Who Ride See God" (a radio essay); "One Good Turn" (a media campaign using websites, print, radio and television to promote volunteer service); "The Dance of the Masculine & Feminine" (a radio program and stge production by poet Robert Bly, produced by Nibley); and "It's Complicated" (a radio commentary about the September 11 terrorist attacks and similar historical events). Additional information is available on Nibley's "Say Yes Quickly" website: In an essay ("Pillars of My Family: A Brief Saga", Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Vol. 28, No. 3, Fall 1995, page 49) she wrote:
Growing up in the Mormon church was an experience that caused my family and their faith to fuse into one true and revealed reality. That in turn became my faith, my identity, my reality. I am glad I left the Church. And I'm also grateful to take the ideas, the images, the music, the books, the remembered smells, and the connections bred to the bone.

Paul Nibley
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Provo, Utah. Son of famed Latter-day Saint scholar Hugh Nibley. Director of the short film "Backstage." Has worked behind the number of scenes on a number of film projects and TV shows, particularly as a set designer. Worked on "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams" and the original "Donny and Marie" series. Boat builder. Production designer of "Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde" (1993). Prop master for "The Red Fury" (1984). Set decorator for the classic film "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (1980), produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Set dresser for the feature film "Harry's War" (1981).
Sloan Nibley
Latter-day Saint. Born 23 June 1908, Oregon. Died 3 April 1990, Los Angeles, California. Married to Linda Stirling from 1946 until he died. Sometimes credited as: A. Sloan Nibley; W. Sloan Nibley. Brother of famed Latter-day Saint scholar Hugh Nibley. Screenwriter or story writer of at least 22 films, including: Springfield Rifle (1952); Carson City (1952); Bells of San Angelo (1947); Down Dakota Way (1949); Golden Stallion, The (1949); Under California Stars (1948); Hostile Guns (1967); Bells of Coronado (1950); Susanna Pass (1949); Twilight in the Sierras (1949); Eyes of Texas (1948); Springtime in the Sierras (1947); In Old Amarillo (1951). Wrote for TV series, including "Sea Hunt" (1958),"Sky King" (1951) and the "Addams Family."
Tom Nibley
Latter-day Saint. Son of famed Latter-day Saint scholar Hugh Nibley. Actor. Had a major guest role on the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" high-action episode "Starship Mine." He played "Neil," a member of a group of terrorists who attempted to steal trilithium resin from the Enterprise-D. Neil was the engineer of the group and had devised a means to transport the dangerously unstable and toxic trilithium through the ship. He was killed by one of his fellow terrorists. Other TV guest appearances include: Empty Nest; Murder, She Wrote; Magnum, P.I.; Golden Girls; Highway to Heaven. Minor roles in the Feature Films For Families videos "A Home of Our Own" (1993) and "Rigoletto" (1993), and in the TV movies "Virtual Obsession" (1998), "Not In This Town" (1997) and "Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story" (1994).
Red Nichols
Born 8 May 1905, Ogden, Utah. Died 28 June 1965, Las Vegas, Nevada. Birth name: Ernest Loring Nichols. Trumpet player. Red Nichols and his Five Pennies were one of the most popular bands of the New York Jazz scene of the 1920s. Played himself in "The Gene Krupa Story" (1959) and "Disc Jockey" (1951). Red and his band were the subject of a feature film: "The Five Pennies" (1959), in which he was portrayed by Danny Kaye (but he provided his own trumpet solos). "The Five Pennies" received 4 Academy Award nominations: Best Song; Best Musical Score; Best Costume Design (for Edith Head); and Best Cinematography.
Andrew Nicholson
Andrew is President of Kaluna Productions, an independent production company based in American Fork, UT. He is an approved ESPN packager/producer and was the writer, producer, director, and editor of an extreme sports show airing on ESPN2 for 2 seasons. The show consistently outperformed ESPN’s ratings for its timeslot and was renewed for a 3rd season. Andrew recently produced THE DRIFTER, a short film and TV pilot that made its world premiere at the Malibu Film Festival. THE DRIFTER was also recently accepted into the LA Shorts Fest, the largest short film festival in the world and is an Academy Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Accredited festival. Andrew and his brother Jeffrey often collaborate on projects and are currently developing THE DRIFTER into a TV series and have several film projects in development. Andrew has also written, directed, produced, and edited dozens of corporate videos and national & local TV commercials. Andrew holds a B.S. in Economics and Business Management from Brigham Young University. Websites:
Kelly Nield
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Provo, Utah with his wife, Kendra. Sometimes credited as: D. Kelly Nield. Married in Los Angeles, California on 25 July 1997. Graphic designer. Graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU). Designer of a CD-ROM created promote BYU football quarterback, Kevin Feterik, as a candidate for the Heismann trophy. In July 2000, the CD-ROM received a bronze medal in the interactive multimedia program category from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). Nield worked with David Eliason, creative director and Charles Cranney, as assistant director, on the project. Also involved in the process were Natalie Miles, editor, Philbrick, photographer, and Ray Elder, illustrator. Created the 11-minute experimental film "Affinity" (2002), which competed in the 2nd LDS Film Festival, held in Provo, Utah in November 2002. The film is described thus: "Typography and dance share some significant similarities. This project was created to explore type and dance in space and time as well as the affinities inherent between them."
Bryan Nielsen
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Film editor and digital production specialist. Company: Digital Voodoo.
Erik Nielsen
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Has worked in the production department at KUED (University of Utah-based public television station) since 1992. Mainly assist the videographers, but also has various studio production duties. Crew member who works at KUED who is a jack-of-all-trades on film sets, and often credited as a grip. Grip for Ken Verdoia's PBS documentary "Skull Valley" (2001), Verdoia's "Fire in the Hole" (2000), Colleen Casto's "Nathan's Story" (2001), Casto's "Utah's Many Faces" (2000), Elizabeth Searles's "Utah in the 50's" (2002). Production assistant for Verdoia's documentary "Promontory" (2002), Nancy Green's "The Journey Home: Stories from Hospice" (2001), and Joe Prokop's "The Spirit of Fort Douglas" (2002). Grip for the Utah educational TV series "Technology Navigator" (1997-1998). Second assistant editor for the Leucadia TV movie "Windrunner" (1995).
Seven L. Nielsen
Utah born, and active LDS member, Seven Nielsen, (Seven L. Nielsen), has designed the productions of many films, television series, programs, and specials for major networks and movie companies including: CBS, NBC, ABC, A&E, PBS, Fox, Disney, MGM, and others. He has also designed numerous live productions including: the 2002 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, the first Inaugural Ball for President Ronald Reagan, and the Inaugural presentation at Constitution Hall. "George to George, 200 Years", for President George HW. Bush. He has also designed numerous LDS productions including, "Come Up to the Mountain of The Lord", temple dedications in 2009. His murals are in many LDS temple visitor centers, and his paintings hang in many private and public collections and institutions such as the Rourke Art Museum in Moorhead, Minnesota. He continues as a television and film designer as well as being an active Utah painter.
Mike Niemiec
Driver for the Leucadia films "Just Like Dad" (1995) and "Windrunner" (1995).
Brian Nissen
Latter-day Saint. Worked for Richard Rich at The Living Scriptures, Inc., where he did voice work for animated videos, including the the title roles in "Joseph's Reunion" (1995) and "Joseph in Egypt" (1992). Provided the voice of the narrator in the critically acclaimed animated feature "The Swan Princess" (1994). Was a co-writer of many of the Living Scriptures Bible videos, as well as the animated feature films "The King and I" (1999); "The Swan Princess" (1994); "The Swan Princess II" (1997) and "The Swan Princess III" (1998). Co-writer and co-director (with Richard Rich) of the direct-to-video animated film "The Scarecrow" (2000), based on a story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. (NOTE: There was a British actor named "Brian Nissen", born 20 October 1927 in London, died 8 February 2001, who is NOT THE SAME PERSON as the Brian Nissen in Utah who has collaborated with Richard Rich for many years.)
Jennifer Nix
Latter-day Saint. Actress. Cast in a small role as the wife of Ishmael's son in Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie (2003). Bio from Book of Mormon movie website (
Jennifer is an accomplished singer and actress. She was the featured vocalist for Desert Book/Shadow Mountain Showcase 2000, Lagoon Amusement Park entertainer and Lead singer in two bands: "Down Boy" and Voodoo Box."

Jennifer's stage credits include: The Scarlet Pimpernel (Hale Center Theatre), Legend of Sleepy Hollow (City Rep. Theatre), West Side Story (Hale Center Theatre), Peter Pan (MAC), Lucky Stiff (Hale Center Theatre), A Funny Thing Happened (THS), A Christmas Carol (Hale Center Theatre) and Jane Eyre (Hale Center Theatre).

Jennifer has also appeared on Touched By An Angel (CBS).

Ron Nix
Lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1943. Sometimes credited as: Ron Nix Jr.; Ron C. Nix, Jr. Grip for Blair Treu's "The Paper Brigade" (1996). Best boy grip for the 70mm film "Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000), made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Was a significant donor to the Department of Theatre & Media Arts at Brigham Young University (BYU), 2000-2001. Stunt man whose more than 15 film credits include: Frank and Jesse (1994); Natural Born Killers (1994); Lucky Luke (1991); Bad Jim (1990); Way of the Ninja (1989); Renegade (1987); Raising Arizona (1987); Death Valley (1982); White Line Fever (1975); The Trial of Billy Jack (1974); The Gun and the Pulpit (1974) (TV); Guns of a Stranger (1973); Man and Boy (1972); A Time for Dying (1971); Wild Rovers (1971); Dirty Dingus Magee (1970); Charro! (1969). Bit part actor in: Way of the Ninja (1989); Renegade (1987); Murphy's Romance (1985); Cloud Dancer (1980); La Venganza de un maton (1979); White Line Fever (1975); The Trial of Billy Jack (1974); The Gun and the Pulpit (1974). Key grip for the KBYU PBS documentary "The Call of Story" (2002). Key grip for the Latter-day Saint-themed KBYU film "Eliza and I" (1997). Did wagon rigging for the BYU/LDS Motion Picture Studio film "Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story" (1996). [Ron Nix Jr. the grip and Ron Nix the actor/stuntman are listed as same person in IMDb, but perhaps these are two different people.] Bio from IMDb:
Ron Nix was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1943. He is happily married. His wife is named Mary. Ron Nix is a legend in the motion picture and television industry. Since the early days of westerns on television, Ron has been wearing many hats on movie sets, from the black Stetson of a bad guy being thrown from a horse to a baseball cap as he coordinates stunts in films. Ron built his first western movie town, Cowtown, in 1977. Over 200 productions have been filmed there including "Night Rider 2010" and "Dead Man" starring Johnny Depp. Ron has also appeared in many foreign productions released in Mexico and the Phillipines.

NOTE: The above bio combines information for both Ron Nix (who lives in Phoenix) and his son, Ron Nix, Jr. (who lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah). We are working on re-writing this section.

Mark Noakes
Supervising sound editor for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Pride and Prejudice: A Utah Comedy" (2003). Credited as post production mixer for the award-winning short BYU student films "Roots & Wings" (2002) and "The Promethean" (2003). Still photography for the award-winning short BYU students film "Unfolding" (2003) and "The Promethean" (2003).
Ruxton Noble
Lives in Provo, Utah. Has created models/miniatures (presumably 3D CGI models) for numerous feature films, including: The Arrival, Independence Day, Batman and Robin, Dante's Peak, Con Air, Armageddon, Blade, Inspector Gaget, Star Trek, Species, Air Force One, Motal Combat, The Frighteners, Ants, Starship Troopers, plus numerous commercials. Carpenter (set construction) for the feature film "Dumb & Dumber" (1994). Still photography for "Playing For Steeps", "Extreme Mountain Biking" (Invictus Productions).
Ryan Noble
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Avondale, Arizona. Company: Swim or Die Productions. Website: Director of the documentary "A Day with Sheriff Joe" (1997), available on video. Director of the short documentary videos ""Axe: Capoeira in America" (2002), about capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts dance, and "The Huichols: Art, History, Culture." In 2000 he directed a feature-length documentary entitled "Apache Baskets: A Season with Kareem," which followed an Apache Indian high school team for a season with the retired professional basketball hall-of-famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as an assistant coach. Credited with "wardrobe" (costume design) for the award-winning short film "Fedora" (1994). Currently directing commercials and writing several feature films.
Amber Norman
Born 6 June 1901 in Utah. Died 21 October 1972, Sacramento County, California. Actress. Small roles in: San Francisco (1936); WereWolf of London (1935); La Cautivadora (1931); Love and the Devil (1929); The Drake Case (1929) The Midnight Adventure (1928); The Port of Missing Girls (1928); Uneasy Payments (1927); Many Scrappy Returns (1927); Dude Cowboy (1926); Hell's 400 (1926).
Kenneth R. Norris
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Orem, Utah. Actor. Featured extra (a shepherd) in "Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000), made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Background extra in "Sisters of Bethany" (2002), also made by the Church. Extra in Vineyard Productions's documentary "The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition" (2000), the independent feature film "Cowboys and Angels" (2000), the Disney TV movie "Luck of the Irish" (2001), the TV movie "Double Teamed" (2002), the feature film "Bats" (1999), "The Huntress", and the Feature Films For Families videos "Return to Secret Garden" (2000) and "Jumping for Joy." Has appeared as a featured extra, background extra, or stand-in in over twenty episodes of "Touched by an Angel," and also on the TV series "Cover Me." Has appeared in 4 Homefront commercials for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Has also appeared in commercials for the March of Dimes and Novell. Has appeared on stage at the Valley Center Theater and Scera Community theater in productions of Yours and Mine; Annie Get Your Gun; The Rented Christmas; Jake's Corner; Detour to Pittsburg; Time After Time.
Leslie Norris
World-renowned Welsh poet. Narrator for the PBS specials "Easter Song: A Musical Celebration of Creation" (1999) and "Songs of Praise and Remembrance: A Memorial Day Celebration" (2000), featuring the choirs and orchestra of Brigham Young University (BYU). Featured in the BYU-made documentary "Crossing Borders: The Life and Words of Leslie Norris" (2000), produced and directed by Kendall Wilcox.
Jack North
Brother of actor Jerry North. Utah-based actor. Minor roles in feature films: Brigham City (2001); The Runner (1999); Beyond Suspicion (1993); Halloween 5 (1989); The Survivalist (1987); Revenge of the Ninja (1983). Minor roles in TV movies "Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare" (1995) and "Fast Getaway" (1991). Guest appearance on "Touched by an Angel."
Jay North
Born 3 August 1951, Hollywood, California. Son of singer/actor Hal Hopper. Child actor best known for playing the title role on the TV series "Dennis the Menace" from 1959-1963. Also starred as "Terry Bowen" on the TV series "Maya" (1967), played "Turban" on "The Banana Splits Adventure Hour" (1968) and "Terry Dexter" on "Here Comes the Grump" (1969-1971). Provided the voice of "Bamm-Bamm Rubble" on the TV series "The Flintstones Comedy Hour" (1972-1973), "Fred Flintstone and Friends" (1977) and "The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show" (1971-1976). TV guest appearances include: The Simpsons; My Three Sons; The Man from U.N.C.L.E.; Wagon Train; The Donna Reed Show; 77 Sunset Strip; Wanted: Dead or Alive. Major roles in the feature films "The Teacher" (1974), "The Fantastic Plastic Machine" (1969), "Maya" (1966), "Zebra in the Kitchen" (1965), "The Miracle of the Hills" (1959) and the TV movie "Lassie: Joyous Sound" (1972). Minor roles in "Dikij veter" (1986), "Pepe" (1960), "The Big Operator" (1959), and the TV movie "Scout's Honor" (1980). Currently (April 2002) works as a prison guard in Florida, according to IMDb.
Jerry North
Brother of actor Jack North. Utah-based actor. Minor roles in "Brigham City" (2001), "Hungry" (2000), and "Revenge of the Ninja" (1983).
Bill L. Norton
Son of Latter-day Saint screenwriter William W. Norton. Born August 13, 1943 in California. Bill L. Norton has also been credited as: B.W.L. Norton; Bill Norton; William Lloyd Norton. Successful film and television writer and director. Near the beginning of his career as a director Norton directed four theatrically released feature films: "Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend" (1985); "Three for the Road" (1987); "More American Graffiti" (1979) and "Cisco Pike" (1972). His most widely seen film was "Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend," a live-action Disney film about the discovery of a baby dinosaur in modern-day Africa. In addition to directing, Norton was also the screenwriter of "More American Graffiti," which was based on characters created by George Lucas in the acclaimed film "American Graffiti." Norton was also the screenwriter for his film "Cisco Pike." Norton's other writing credits include story credits for the feature films "Back to the Beach" (1987) and "Losin' It" (1983), and screenwriting credits for "Convoy" (1978), "Outlaw Blues" (1977) and "How to Succeed with Girls" (1964). Beginning in the 1980s, Norton has worked almost exclusively in television. He has directed episodes of numerous TV series, including 6 episodes of the "Buffy" spinoff "Angel." Has also directed episodes of: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; The Twilight Zone; Tour of Duty; The Boys of Twilight; Crossroads; SeaQuest DSV; The Profiler; Vengeance Unlimited; Sons of Thunder; Roswell; Invisible Man (at least 3 episodes); The Fugitive; FreakyLinks; Pasadena; John Doe. Has directed over a dozen TV movies, including: Gargoyles (1972); Thirst (1998); Our Mother's Murder (1997); Deadly Whispers (1995); Stolen Innocence (1995); False Arrest (1991); Hercules and the Amazon Women (1994); Gone in the Night (1996); Bad to the Bone (1997) and Hercules in the Underworld (1994). Co-executive producer of and writer for the TV series "Tour of Duty" (1987-1990). Executive producer of the short-lived TV series "Grand Slam" (1990). Had a small onscreen role in the movie "Dead People" (1973).
Charles Norton
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Made the short (7 min., 45 sec.) documentary film "World War ll Memories," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is a reminder of the hardships of war as seen through the eyes of a World War ll bomber pilot.
William W. Norton
Latter-day Saint. Born 24 September 1925 in Ogden, Utah. Lives in California with his wife, Eleanor Elias Norton. Also credited as: William W. Norton Sr.; William Wallace Norton; William Norton. Father of successful TV writer/director Bill L. Norton. Writer of at least 18 feature-length films, covering a wide variety of genres and production budgts. Perhaps the best known film he wrote was "Brannigan" (1975), in which John Wayne plays a tough Chicago police detective who follows the trail of an escaped felon to London, where Wayne teams up with a Scotland Yard detective played by Richard Attenborough. Perhaps his mostly highly regarded screenplay was for "The Scalphunters" (1968), a comedic Western directed by Oscar-winner Sydney Pollack which starred Burt Lancaster, Shelley Winters, Telly Savalas and Dabney Coleman. "The Scalphunters" is considered by many to be something of a forgotten gem, comparable to Westerns such as "The Searchers," but not as well known. His other credits as screenwriter include: Day of the Animals (1977, a wilderness adventure also known as: Something Is Out There); A Small Town in Texas (1976, a Western); Moving Violation (1976, a contemporary crime drama); Gator (1976, action/drama directed by and starring Burt Reynolds, co-starring Lauren Hutton); I Dismember Mama (1974, a horror film), Big Bad Mama (1974, an action comedy produced by Roger Corman, starring Angie Dickinson, William Shatner and Tom Skerritt); Trader Horn (1973, an African adventure); White Lightning (1973, a crime drama starring Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Billingsley and Ned Beatty); The Hunting Party (1971, a violent Western starring Gene Hackman and Candice Bergen); Marigold Man (1970, a comedy); The McKenzie Break (1970, a World War II drama about German POWs plotting to escape from a prison camp in Scotland); Sam Whiskey (1969, a Western comedy starring Burt Reynolds); The Farmer's Other Daughter (1965, comedy); Five Minutes to Love (1963, drama); The Grass Eater (1961, drama). He also wrote the teleplay for "September Gun" (1983), a TV movie Western. His most recent film credit is as story writer for the low-budget slasher/suspense movie "Body County" (1987) which was released on video as "The 11th Commandment." Unfortunately, box office data is unavailable for Norton's films, although does report some ticket sales in Sweden for "White Lightning" (Gross: SEK 782,923; admissions: 80,590) and "The Hunting Part" (SEK 527,257), and in Hungary for "The Scalphunters" (admissions: 858,139). Norton was one of many writers who wrote for the popular Western TV series "The Big Valley," which ran from 1965 to 1969. Norton shared the producer credit with frequent collaborator Paul Leder on three of the films he wrote: "Marigold Man" (1970), "The Farmer's Other Daughter" (1965) and "The Grass Eater" (1961). Leder also worked as writer, director, and/producer on Norton's films "Body Count", "Five Minutes to Love" and "I Dismember Mama" (1974). Another filmmaker Norton worked with multiple times was John Hayes, the director of Norton's scripts "The Farmer's Other Daughter" (1965), "Five Minutes to Love" (1963) and "The Grass Eater" (1961). Oscar-nominated actor Burt Reynolds starred in three of Norton's films: "Gator," "Sam Whiskey" and "White Lightning." Bio from (
William Norton was born into a family of Utah Mormon pioneers. He is a life-long writer and political activist. After serving in combat in World War II, he did construction work and was a State Park ranger in California. His early writings were for the small literary magazines such as California Quarterly, as well as plays for little theater in Los Angeles during the 1950s and 60s. Participation in the early progressive political movements of the 50's resulted in being called before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Norton's film writing career began with the Burt Lancaster movie, "The Scalphunters". Screenwriting continued through the 70s and 80s, along with active involvement in Central American liberation theology movements. Focusing his concerns for peace and justice towards the struggles in Northern Ireland in the 80s, both Nortons were arrested for attempting to contribute arms to this cause. They spent two years in a French prison, one year each of refuge in Nicaragua and in Cuba. They returned to Los Angeles in the early 90s, where they both continue to write.

Kenneth Nosack
Lives in Spanish Fork, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Ken Nosack; Ken Nossack; Kenneth L. Nosack. Special effects assistant on movies, including: Money Plays (1997), Neon City (1992), A Midnight Clear (1991), Ski Patrol (1990), Fright Night Part II (1989), Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! (1998). Special effects work for the TV series "Touched by an Angel" and "Promised Land." Carpenter (set construction) for the TV series "Touched By An Angel" and the feature film "Con Air."
Terry L. Noss
Sometimes credited as: Terry Noss. Lives in Santa Clarita, California. Long-time collaborator with Latter-day Saint animation director Richard Rich, first at Walt Disney animation studios and then at Living Scriptures, Inc. and Rich Animation. Vice-president of production for Rich Animation Studios, based in Burbank, California. Noss began collaborating with Rich when he landed a job as assistant director of the Disney animated feature "The Fox and the Hound" (1981), directed by Rich. After seven more years working together at Disney, Rich and Noss left to form their own independent animated film company, Rich Animation Studios. It was their goal to produce animated feature films, but originally they lacked funding to do so and they focused on making animated adaptations of Bible stories, which Noss found very rewarding. Music co-producer of the animated feature "The King and I" (1999). Co-director and co-producer, with Rich, of the animated feature "The Trumpet of the Swan" (2001). Co-producer of the animated feature "The Swan Princess" and its 2 sequels, all directed by Rich. Producer of the direct-to-video animated feature "The Scarecrow" (2000), directed by Rich. Associate producer and editor of Living Scriptures Inc.'s scriptural (Bible and Book of Mormon) and educational half-hour animated videos for children, such as "Joseph's Reunion" (1995), "Moses" (1993), "He Is Risen" (1988), "The Miracles of Jesus" (1989) and "The Savior in America" (1989). An in depth profile and interview was written by Mike Nappa: "Terry Noss: A Christian Producer in Hollywood" (
Shawn Nottingham
Utah-based actor. Born 20 December 1959. Lead role in the award-winning short film "Fedora" (1994), directed by Kenny Kemp. Bit parts in the TV movies "Hounded" (2001), "Detention: The Siege at Johnson High" (1997), and "Out of Annie's Past" (1995). Bit parts in the films "No More Baths" (1998), "Address Unknown" (1997) and "Heaven Sent" (1994). Bio from Plan-B Theatre's A Place in the Sky cast notes (
Shawn graduated from Weber State with a bachelor's degree in Theatre and minor in Modern Dance, and just two quarters short of a Marketing Degree. He received a Master's of Fine Arts in acting from Cal Arts, and his favorite accomplishment was when he was invited to audition for Cirque de Solei! Shawn is happy to be back with Plan-B after a long break. You may remember him in previous Plan-B plays such as Coriolanus in Coriolanus or Polexenes in A Winter's Tale. If he looks familiar to you... you may have seen him in commercials or feature films.

Andrew Novetzke
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife, film crew member Lisa Eagar Novetzke. Also known as: Andrew D. Novetzke. Carpenter for the Feature Films For Families (FFFF) video "Secret of Treasure Mountain" (1992), and for the Leucadia film "Breaking Free" (1995). Film loader for the FFFF video "Return to the Secret Garden" (2000).
Drew Novetzke
Loader for Blair Treu's feature film "Little Secrets" (2002). Transportation captain (action unit) for "The Rage" (1997). Quite possibly the same person as Andrew Novetzke
Lisa Eagar Novetzke
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband, film crew member Andrew Novetzke. husband Property master for "The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000), the big-budget 70mm film produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Jill Nunley
Lives in South Jordan, Utah. Location scout, continuity supervisor. Utah location assistant for the TV movie "Parallel Lives" (1994).
Brook Nuttall
Latter-day Saint. Utah-based actor and would-be screenwriter. Graduate of Bingham High School. Acted in Latter-day Saint road shows. Licensed Simi-Truck Driver (Class A CDL). Bilingual: English/Spanish. Featured extra in the movies "Con Express" (2002) and "Pool Hall Junkies" (2002). Extra in the HBO film "Shot in the Heart" (2001). Played a city council member in the low-budget film "Contigo En Mente." Lead role in "Really Neat Guy," a low-budget film produced by his own production company, Holy-Wood Productions. Hand double, photo double, stand-in, featured extra or extra in episodes of the TV series "Touched by an Angel" and "Cover Me."
Craig Nybo
Utah-based film director. Director of the short film "Practical Encounter Avoidance" (2001), which was shown at the 2001 Eclipse Film Festival (in St. George, Utah). Other past films include: Gravedigger (1997); We Are The Rock (1995); Malad for the Millenium (1999); Team Rescue (2001). Currently (April 2003) in pre-production on an independent feature-length horror film titled "Haunted." Also working on an independent feature-length film titled "Better Than Skunked." Co-founder of the Gangrene Film Festival, held in Kaysville Utah since about 2000.
Carmen Nydegger
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Costumer for Blair Treu's feature film "Little Secrets" (2002), working with costume designer Lanny Sikes and wardrobe supervisor Christina Pipps.
Doug Nydegger
Doug Luigi Nydegger
Lives in Utah. Sometimes credited as: Doug Nydegger; Doug Luigi Nydegger; Douglas P. Nydegger. Driver (including camera truck driver) for Blair Treu's "Wish Upon a Star" (1996), "The Paper Brigade" (1996), and "Just Like Dad" (1995), as well as "Coyote Summer" (1996), "Breaking Free" (1995) and "Windrunner" (1995), all produced by Leucadia Films. Transportation coordinator for the TV movie "Parallel Lives" (1994). Carpenter for the Leucadia film "Breaking Free" (1995).
Chase Nye
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Along with 8 other filmmakers, made the 23-minute film "Messages: A 2002 Olympic Documentary," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film focuses on aspects of Utah's culture during the 2002 Olympics. Along with Shawn Lartrabe, Nye made the short (21 min.) film "Released," which competed in the 2002 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is a coming of age story surrounding a high school field trip to southern Utah.
Michael Nye
Minor role as a teacher in the movie "High School High" (1996).
Rob Nylund
Sound mixer for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Pride and Prejudice: A Utah Comedy" (2003).
David Nystul
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Heber City, Utah. Also known as: David L. Nystul; Dave Nystul. Videographer/digital cinematographer. Editorial Director of Broadcast Production at Brigham Young University. In 2002 Nystul, along with Dean Paynter, organized a workshop for high school and junior high school TV teachers in the state teaching field production, writing, and editorial organization. Bio from BYU staff website (
David Nystul lives in Heber City and is married to Jill Nystul, a former graduate of BYU. He has four children. Erik 12, Britta 9, Kell 5, and Sten 2. He has been a resident of Utah for 6 years but was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota and graduated from Moorhead State University in Moorhead, Minnesota. Dave joined the LDS church in 1987. He enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening and spending time with his family.

EDUCATION: After graduating in 1982 David took his first job in television news in Bismarck, North Dakota. From there he went to Minneapolis/St. Paul to work for the ABC affiliate as a full-time news photographer and editor. In 1989 he started his own business as a freelance cameraman working with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to major news and sports broadcasters. Those relationships continue today as David makes consulting a vital part of staying current with trends in the broadcast industry, which he then passes along to his students.

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