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Brian McBride
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Clinton, Utah. Film editor. Won the Utah Broadcasters Association Award ("UBEES") for Best News Photography for the KSL-TV documentary "Sea Voyage of the Saints" (2001). Co-winners were Alan Neves and Brian McBride. In 1998 won the UBEE Gold Medal for Best Sports Program and the Silver Medal for Best Lifestyle Program for the KSL program "Ski Utah" (co-winners: Chance Cook, Mark White, Fred Heslop, Jack Hubbell, Mike Brewerton). In 1998 also won the UBEE Silver Medal for Best Documentary for the KSL program "Mormon Trail Wagon Train" (along with Duane Cardall and Jason Sims). Also cited for TV Daily News Editing for his Utah Jazz work at KSL TV. Company: McBride Productions. Website: Bio from his company's website:
Long before McBride Productions was ever created, it's founder - Brian McBride, began developing an intense passion for music, film, video, and other creative arts. Born and raised in Rupert, Idaho, Brian commenced his formal musical training, first with piano lessons, and then later with drum lessons. His love for music sparked heavy involvement in middle and high school marching bands, concert groups, pep clubs, jazz bands, and other performing groups. During this time, Brian also developed and pursued various interests in photography, film, and videography.

FORMAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING: In 1987, Brian traveled to the Los Angeles area to broaden his experience in film and video production. Out of a nation-wide pool of applicants, he was accepted as a Freshman into the University of Southern California's prestigious cinema program. While there, he rubbed shoulders with many talented professionals within the industry. In addition to participation on student film projects, Brian worked for the university's Humanities Audio/Visual Center, gaining skills such as video editing, videography, still photography, and dark room photo developing.

In 1988, Brian decided to move to South Korea, where he would be able to develop strong leadership and communication skills, as well as strengthen his personal values and ethical beliefs. He devoted two years of volunteer missionary service to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where he worked among the people of Korea, providing humanitarian service, learning their native tongue, as well as absorbing many aspects of their culture and value systems.

After returning from the Orient, Brian's passion for the industry turned to television. He entered the acclaimed television production program at Brigham Young University in Utah, and received extensive hands-on television experience. Daily student-produced newscasts gave Brian training in directing, lighting, stage managing, audio mixing, chyron, studio camera operation, videography, editing, and technical directing. In addition, Brian worked at KBYU Television as chief editor, and later as chief photographer.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: In 1993, after completing a Bachelor's degree in television broadcast production, Brian joined the team at KSL Television in Salt Lake City as a videographer/editor. There he gained years of valuable professional experience in many areas such as editing, original music scoring, studio production, and news photography. Working in a fast-paced Top 40 news market taught him the importance of timeliness, speed, accuracy, and quality. Brian polished his skills on both linear and non-linear video editing systems, mastering many different styles of editing: short-form daily news, sports, promotions, features, as well as long-form documentaries. Furthermore, he learned dozens of valuable television technical skills ranging from coordinating live shots and satellite feeds to assisting in the implementation of complete newsroom format conversions (analog 4:3 Beta to Digital SX 16:9 widescreen).

KSL Television also provided opportunities for him to write and perform musical scores for video documentaries and various local television programming projects. In 1999, Brian mastered and released 3 compact discs featuring original musical scores written for television. Later, in 2001, he finished another music scoring project and mastered his compositions to CDs.

The Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games provided unique exposure and valuable once-in-a-lifetime production experience. KSL-TV positioned itself locally as an "Official Supplier" of NBC's television olympic coverage. Having inside access to Salt Lake's venues, as well as NBC's vast technical support, gave KSL unique product positioning. Brian used his editing and music skills throughout the 17-day games to create compelling video segments viewed by audiences locally, nationally, and in select countries across the world. Furthermore, working alongside production crews from the U.S. and across the globe, hosting the largest (video) party in the world, provided broad understanding and practical application of television production skills on a world-wide platform.

His skills and years of hands-on professional experience have earned him various national and local awards including an Emmy Award nomination, Telly Awards, National R.T.N.D.A., S.P.J., and U.B. A. awards. Over the years, Brian's work has been showcased many times throughout the television broadcasting arena nationwide. His passion for music, film and television have guided his actions and dreams that have spanned across several decades. He looks forward to further developing his skills, as well as sharing his creative talents with all who love to dream.

Sean McBride
Apprentice editor on Blair Treu's "Just Like Dad" (1995).
Vaughn McBride
Died 24 November 2001, Salt Lake City, Utah. Credited with one small film role: the "Liquor Store Man" in "SLC Punk!" (1999).
Lisa McCammon
Utah-based actress. Major supporting role as "Claire Riley" -- the mother of the title character -- in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002). Appeared in commercials for Melaleuca and Novell.
Bert McCracken
Latter-day Saint. Raised in the Church, but left Church activity and left his family home at the age of 15. Lead singer for the rock band "The Used." He and his band was one of many featured in the direct-to-video comedy horror film "Punk Rock Holocaust" (2004).
Susan Evans McCloud
Latter-day Saint. Popular novelist. Screenwriter of the classic Church-produced video "John Baker's Last Race" (1976), "Avenues of Revenue" (a video) and the TV movie "Black Stars Over Mexico" (2002; TV), based on her own novel about children living in the Mexican Latter-day Saint colonies.
Jordan McClung
Latter-day Saint. Sound designer for the Latter-day Saint-themed direct-to-video movie "The Shadow of Light" (2002) and the PBS documentary "LaVell Edwards: Spirit of Cougar Football" (2001).
Reed McColm
Latter-day Saint. Co-producer (with Jeff Parkin) of the TV movie "Cab to Canada" (1998).
Ken McConnell
Lives in Heber City, Utah. Actor. Small part as the Master of Ceremonies in "Baby Bedlam" (2000), written and directed by Eric Hendershot.
Haley McCormick
Lives in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Graduate of Brighton High School. Supporting role in Blair Treu's feature film "Little Secrets" (2002) and in the Feature Films For Families movie "No More Baths" (1998). Supporting role in the Disney TV movie "The Poof Point" (2001) and the TV movie "Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder" (2000). Small role in "In the Blink of an Eye" (1996).
Ryan McCormick
K. Ryan McCormick
Ryan Marie McCormick
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Ryan McCormick; Ryan Marie McCormick; K. Ryan McCormick. Hair stylist and/or makeup artist for Lee Groberg's PBS documentary "Treasure House: The Utah Mining Story" (1995), the Feature Films For Families video "Split Infinity" (1992), the TV series "Touched by an Angel", and the movies "Slaughter of the Innocents" (1994), "The Legend of Wolf Mountain" (1992), "A Midnight Clear" (1991) and "Ski Patrol" (1990). Wardrobe supervisor for the Leucadia film "Breaking Free" (1995).
Dale McCorvey
Lives in Orderville, Utah, near St. George. Stunt man. Had a bit part as a guard in the independent movie "Neon City" (1992). Animal handler/wrangler.
Peter L. McCrea
Sometimes credited as: Peter McCrea; Pete McCrea. Co-editor (along with Stephen L. Johnson and Janice Hampton) of the feature film "Windwalker" (1980), directed by Kieth Merrill. Co-editor (along with B. Lovitt ) of the feature film "Harry's War" (1981), directed by Kieth Merrill. One of numerous credited "story consultants" for T.C. Christensen's "Bug Off!" (2001). Bio from LHO Group (
Peter L. McCrea is our Director of Communications and Client Relations and specialist in 1031 exchange real estate transactions. He attended Principia College in Illinois and Moorpark College in California majoring in media, film and communications. He has served as a feature film editor, documentary film editor, and documentary cinematographer for American Film Consortium in San Francisco and as a writer and photographer for Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles. From 1988 through 1995, he was a partner in Americana Land Company, which specialized in the planning and design of mixed-use, commercial and residential developments in Orange and Ventura Counties in California. He was also the Project Director of a 200-unit, mixed-use development project on the 300-acre McCrea Ranch in Thousand Oaks, California. Prior to joining LHO, he was Director of Operations and Communications for the financial planning firm Diddel & Diddel in Stamford, CT, and Director of Business Development for Osprey Communications in Greenwich, CT. He is a founding advisory board member of the American Cinema Awards Foundation.

Tom McCreary
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Made the 3-minute music video "XV-59," shown at the "Works From Along the Wasatch Front" screening in Salt Lake City, Utah in October 2002.
Joey McCreery
Born 9 April 1902 in Utah. Died 1 May 1989, Orange County, California. Actress credited with small parts in "The Cowpuncher's Comeback" (1921) and "Reputation" (1921).
A. Melvin McDonald
Latter-day Saint. Author of Day of Defense, adapted to a feature film in 2002.
Marshall McDonald
Latter-day Saint. Bio from Covenant Communications, accompanying promotional material for his new (2003) CD Favorite Hymns for the Sabbath:
Marshall McDonald is a 25-year-old pianist and composer from Salt Lake City, Utah. Marshall's first CD, Sunday Morning Light was nominated for two Pearl awards and won the Covenant Award of Excellence for the best-selling CD of the year 2000. Marshall was also nominated for "Best New Artist of the Year" in the year 2000. In 2001 Marshall released his second CD His Light Divine and composed a film score to Because Sunday is Special, an animated video that teaches the importance of the Sabbath day.

In addition to Marshall's musical career, he teaches full-time seminary at Jordan High School in Salt Lake City and works as a hand double and piano technician for the hit WB network television series, "Everwood."

Michael L. McDonough
Latter-day Saint. Sometimes credited as: Mike MacDonough; Michael McDonough; Mike McDonough. Company: Michael McDonough Sound Design, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sounder designer who has worked on at least 15 feature films. Won a Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing (Special Venue) for the IMAX film "Island of the Sharks" (1999). Sound designer for the IMAX films: Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure (2001); Ocean Oasis (2000); Amazon (1997); The Great American West (1997); Special Effects: Anything Can Happen (1996). "Amazon" and "Special Effects" were both nominated for Academy Awards in the Best Short Documentary category. Sound designer for relatively "big budget" LDS Cinema movie "The Work and the Glory" (2004). Sound designer for Disney's animated feature "The Black Cauldron" (1985) and the independent feature films "Same River Twice" (1996), "The Legend of Wolf Mountain" (1992) and "Clubhouse Detectives" (1996). Sound designer for direct-to-video films made by Feature Films For Families: Rigoletto (1993); Seasons of the Heart (1993); The ButterCream Gang (1992); Secret of Treasure Mountain (1993); The Seventh Brother (1991; V); In Your Wildest Dreams (1991; V). Sound designer the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Singles Ward" (2002), classic Church films made at BYU such as "The Emmett Smith Story" (1979), KBYU documentaries such as "Minerva Teichert: A Mission in Paint" (1988), and for Lee Groberg's PBS documentaries "Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail" (1997) and "American Prophet: The Joseph Smith Story" (1999). Audio engineer for the Book of Mormon-oriented documentary video "Lehi's Land of First Inheritance" (2002). An additional sound designer on "Star Trek: Insurrection" (1998). Email address: Website:
Quinn McDonough
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Producer or producer/director of commercials for Bamboo Garden and Piano Gallery.
Van McElwee
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Associate Professor of Electronic and Photographic Media at Webster University at Weber State University. Comes from St. Louis, Missouri. Producer/director of the short film "Radio Island" (1997), a meditation on Japan. Director of the short films "Heliogos" and "Stupaform," shown at the Loaf-I film festival in Salt Lake City, 2002. Info from "Van McElwee creates complex and esoteric video art; he transforms electronic fragments of the visual world into contemplations of how we receive and perceive visual information. An artist who continues to experiment with the possibilities of this new art form, McElwee uses this technology for very personal explorations of the dynamics of sound, motion, and time." Website:
Douglas McFarland
Plays the part of the historic Ed Browning in Lee Groberg's documentaries "American Gunmaker: The John M. Browning Story" (1991) and "Enduring Legacy: The Story of Firearms" (1992).
Karen McFarland
Lives in Provo, Utah. Also known as: K. L. Mcfarland. Wardrobe assistant for the PBS documentary "American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith" (1999) and the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002). Other wardrobe credits include the feature film "Independence Day" and the TV series "Touched By An Angel."
Randy L. McFarland
Lives in Ogden, Utah. Plays the part of the historic Matt Browning in Lee Groberg's documentaries "American Gunmaker: The John M. Browning Story" (1991) and "Enduring Legacy: The Story of Firearms" (1992).
Rick McFarland
Latter-day Saint. Producer of the Latter-day Saint-themed PBS documentaries (available on video and DVD) "Saints at War" (2001) and "Truth and Treason: The Helmuth Huebner Story" (2002). Sound designer and sound mixer for films made at Brigham Young University (BYU), including the award-winning short film "Roots & Wings" (2002) and the documentary "The Call of Story" (2002).
Barney McGill
Born 30 April 1890, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died 11 January 1942, Los Angeles, California. Academy Award nomination for Svengali (1931). Cinematographer of at least 89 films, including: The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date (1941); The Phantom Submarine (1941); Sharpshooters (1938); Battle of Broadway (1938); Off to the Races (1937);; The Song and Dance Man (1936); Charlie Chan in Shanghai (1935); The Bowery (1933); Week-end Marriage (1932); The Cisco Kid (1931); Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929); Noah's Ark (1929); The Desert Song (1929); A Trip to Chinatown (1926); Family Life (1924); Breezy Jim (1919).
Catrine McGregor
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. CEO of 4Leaf Films. Casting director for "Little Secrets" (2002) and numerous other Utah-made films. Company bio from 4Leaf Films (
Catrine has twenty five years of experience in the film industry as a producer, director and casting director and has built a body of work which spans from feature films to TV series, IMAX, commercials and CD-Rom Interactive games. Her career began as a producer for the educational branch of Disney Studios soon after completing the Graduate program in Film and Television from Loyola-Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Her early years in the industry shared credits with people such as Harrison Ford, Sissy Spacek and Brian DePalma. Her career spread into producing with projects that included an award winning innovative 3-D period film, Sensorium, created for the Six Flags Corporation.

Catrine is sought after for her creative eye and attention to detail in putting every possible dollar onto the screen. The 200+ projects that she has cast for Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal, CBS, NBC, ABC, USA, TNT, etc. have given her a fluid approach--and the contacts--for putting together the finest cast possible in both talent and marquis value. McGregor also has a strong professional relationship and knowledge of film crewmembers in Utah.

Catrine is currently in development on a TV series with Meryl Marshall, President of the Television Academy.

Catrine is the author of "Acting Across America" and currently resides in Utah.

Bio from Acting Across America website (
Catrine McGregor has cast well over 500 TV series, feature films and commercials during the course of her career. She holds a double Master's Degree in Film & Television / Education from Loyola-Marymount University, is a member of the prestigious Casting Society of America (CSA), and has also produced numerous projects. McGregor/Johnson & Associates Casting, of which Catrine is the co-owner, has been involved in many, many prominent films and TV shows, including Showtime's Just A Dream, which is Danny Glover's directing debut.

McGregor is also the Chairman of the Board of Four Leaf Films, Inc., a film production company which has Thurl Bailey as a partner, and is slated to produce its first film, Ripple Effect, this fall. She is the author of Acting Across America, a no-nonsense book about breaking into acting, which is garnering great critical reviews. Her nationwide seminars have been touted as the best auditioning classes: "I learned more in Catrine McGregor's one seminar than I have in all other acting classes combined."

In Acting Across America, McGregor has created a valuable resource for actors at any stage of their career. It not only provides inside information about how the business really works: McGregor takes an unusually down-to-earth, human approach to the seemingly insurmountable challenge faced by unknown actors all over the country who want to break into a huge and mysterious industry.

Distilling the wealth of information she teaches in seminars coast-to-coast, Acting Across America guides as it encourages. Having worked with such celebrities as John Travolta, Kirsten Dunst, Mark Hamill, Danny Glover and Courtney Cox, McGregor's knowledge and understanding of what it takes to build a thriving career as an on-camera actor is both notable and trustworthy.

Cole McKay
Lives in Utah. Stunt man and stunt coordinator with over 115 film credits, including: Nobody's Baby (2001); The Right Temptation (2000); The Prophet's Game (1999); Bats (1999); Avalanche (1999); The Pandora Project (1998); Addams Family Reunion (1998); Jack Frost (1997); Piranha (1995); Super Mario Bros. (1993); Leprechaun (1993); Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991). Credited as a bit part actor in over 35 films. TV series appearances include: Walker, Texas Ranger; Renegade; Melrose Place. Director of the independent films "The Underground" (1997), "Secrets of the Golden Eagle" (1991), "The Game" (1988), and "Star Hunter" (1995). Director of episodes of the TV series "L.A. Heat" (1996). Second unit director for: The Sender (1997); Executive Target (1997); Dark Breed (1996); Irresistible Impulse (1996); The Silencers (1996); Skyscraper (1995); Cyborg 3: The Recycler (1994); Eye of the Stranger (1993); Wild Cactus (1993).
Braden McKenna
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. With 4 other filmmakers, made the short (4 min., 20 sec.) film "Floz," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is a look at purchasing in the near future.
Kyle McKenna
Born 27 October 1968, Erie, Pennsylvania. Died 14 March 2000, Salt Lake City, Utah. Birth name: Russell Charles McCoy. Died of suicide. Credited as an actor in 14 X-rated films.
Joel McKee
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Property master for the feature films "Little Secrets" (2002), directed by Blair Treu, and "Unhook the Stars" (1996). Property master for many Utah-made TV movies: Absence of the Good (1999); Johnny Tsunami (1999); Murder at 75 Birch (1999); No Laughing Matter (1998); Divided by Hate (1997); Terror in the Family (1996). Property master for the TV series "The Visitor" (1997). Assistant property master for the feature-length films "A Time to Kill" (1996), "Bound by Honor" (1993), "Neon City" (1992) and "The Robin Hood Gang" (1997). Assistant decorator for the TV movie "Evil in Clear River" (1988).
Judi McKee
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Judy McKee. Production coordinator, whose credits include Eric Hendershot's direct-to-video movie "Clubhouse Detectives" (1996), the movie "Neon City" (1992), and the TV movie "Blind Witness" (1989). Production secretary for the PBS film "A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation" (1989). Casting assistant for the movies "The Way of the Gun" (2000) and "Drive Me Crazy" (1999), the TV movie "The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All" (1999), and the short film "Freedom on the Water" (2002).
Jeanne McKinney
Latter-day Saint. Screenwriter/producer of "Shattered Dreams" (2002), a film about the devestating effects caused by drunk driving. Jeanne McKinney has has been written about extensively in online publications by British Latter-day Saint novelist Anne Bradshaw. McKinney presented "Shattered Dreams" in a special screening at the Salt Lake City Film Festival in 2002. Her screenplays "Ancient Warrior and the Atucan City of Gold" and "Butterfly in Winter" both competed in the screenplay competition in the 2002 Salt Lake City Film Festival. Bio from Cedar Fort (
Jeanne McKinney, who was featured on the May 22, 2002 cover of Meridian, has for the past 13 years written for television, corporate, radio, print, music and film. In addition to this feature-length movie script Season of Fire, she is currently working on a sequel to Season of Fire; a historical documentary; and a short feature children's film. She will also be conducting a screenwriting workshop at the Salt Lake City Film Festival in August 2002, where her screenplays, Butterfly in Winter and Ancient Warrior and the Atucan City of Gold are competition finalists. Her award-winning short film project, Shattered Dreams will also be screened.

Along with writing, Jeanne has produced and directed a variety of film and video projects. Her own production/writing business, AVtek Productions, has been operating successfully for many years. This steady accumulation of work has resulted in 10 written, polished and completed screenplays (5 features, 3 shorts, 2 PSA shorts) in different genres, (Character-driven and family drama, sci-fi, romantic comedy, animated/adventure). One film short, A Sure Connection, and one PSA short, Shattered Dreams, have been developed and produced; one feature, Butterfly in Winter was optioned for a television movie. Jeanne's portfolio also includes a synopsis for two sequels to Ancient Warrior and the Atucan City of Gold (written) and one feature film project, True Friends Never Die (yet to be written). She was also First Assistant Director on a recent film project, Life Chronicles I: Another (2002).

Darren McLaughlin
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Best boy grip for "Money Plays" (1997), "Invasion of Privacy" (1996), "Parallel Lives" (1994), "Seasons of the Heart" (1993). Grip for "Breaking Free" (1995), "Wish Upon a Star" (1996), "The Rage" (1997), "Same River Twice" (1996). Electrician for "Neon City" (1992). Electrical apprentice for "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" (1985).
Martie McLean
Production secretary for the classic film "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (1980), which was produced by Michael McLean for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Michael McLean
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Heber City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Michael Hugh McLean; Michael H. McLean. McLean had an immeasurable impact on the institutional filmmaking of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as a producer, writer, director and songwriter of many of the Church's major video productions of the 1980s. Produced and directed "Nora's Christmas Gift" (1989) a 46-min. TV movie, widely available on video, produced by the Church. "Nora's Christmas Gift" starred Celeste Holme and Elizabeth Wilson and featured the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. McLean co-wrote the story treatment and was the producer of the popular film "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (1980), starring film legend Jimmy Stewart. [Interestingly enough Stewart has a stepson named "Michael McLean" -- but Stewart's stepson is not the same person as the famous Latter-day Saint songwriter.] McLean currently focuses on songwriting, producing some of the best-selling albums in the Latter-day Saint music market, and developing popular stage musicals, such as "The Ark." Website: Bio from his website:
Michael McLean is known as a performer, composer, songwriter, producer and director, with a list of accomplishments reflecting well in each of those areas.

Michael has written music and lyrics for 21 albums, most of which have been released by Deseret Book. They include Stay with Me, You're Not Alone, Celebrating the Light, A New Kind of Love Song, One Heart in the Right Place, You've Always Been There for Me, Father and Son, and the best-selling The Forgotten Carols. For the past nine Christmas seasons, Michael has performed The Forgotten Carols to sold-out audiences throughout the western United States.

Michael was writer, producer and director of Nora's Christmas Gift starring Celeste Holm and Mr. Krueger's Christmas with Jimmy Stewart. Other well-known works include Our Heavenly Father's Plan, Together Forever, A Labor of Love, What Is Real? and The Prodigal Son.

Michael has written and directed films for Bonneville International where he was active in the creation of the award-winning Home Front television commercial series. During his 17 years with Bonneville, Michael received the prestigious Cleo Award and Addy award as well as the Bronze Lion at the Cannes Film Festival.

Some of his other best-selling works include The Garden, in collaboration with Merrill Jenson and Bryce Neubert; Michael McLean Soundtracks: Original Themes from Favorite Films, Michael McLean: The Collection, Volumes 1 and 2, and Safe Harbors. Notably, in September 2000 his stage musical The Ark, written with Kevin Kelly, was featured in the Festival of New Musicals on Broadway in New York City. Participation in the festival is by invitation only.

His 1999 album, Safe Harbors, served as the inspiration for the "Safe Harbors Service under Cover" project to benefit the Travelers Aid Society of Utah. Several hundred blankets were collected, along with a cash donation, during the album's debut weekend in support of the Society's winter shelter program.

Michael and his wife Lynne have three children. They live in Heber City, Utah.

Eric McLeod
Born and raised in Moab, Utah. son of Grand County Council Member Al McLeod. Graduate of Grand County High School (Class of 83). Graduate of University of Utah in Salt Lake City's school of business management. He and his family now live in Los Angeles, California. Hollywood producer. Producer of: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999); Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002); The Cell (2000); Living Out Loud (1998); Wag the Dog (1997); Feeling Minnesota (1996); Now and Then (1995). Executive producer of: Showtime (2002); Bubble Boy (2001); Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997). Line producer of: "Corrina, Corrina" (1994) "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" (1993). Associate producer of "Live Wire" (1992). Unit production manager on 15 movies, including "Enemy of the State" (1998), "8 Seconds" (1994), "Wide Sargasso Sea" (1993), "The Rapture" (1991), as well as many of the movies he produced. Worked as the production coordinator on "A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master" (1988), "Drugstore Cowboy" (1989) and "Cry-Baby" (1990).
Bill McIntosh
Lives in Park City, Utah. Stunt man and bit part actor. Stunt coordinator for the TV series "The Visitor" (1997-1998), the TV movies "No Laughing Matter" (1998), "Divided by Hate" (1997), "Unabomber: The True Story" (1996), and the feature film "Drive Me Crazy" (1999). Has done stunt work in dozens of other movies, including: The Way of the Gun (2000); Bats (1999); Stargate (1994); Grumpy Old Men (1993); Geronimo: An American Legend (1993); Hard Target (1993); In the Line of Fire (1993); Sneakers (1992); The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear (1991); Glory (1989); A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989); Alien Nation (1988); Moonwalker (1988); Young Guns (1988); Innerspace (1987); The Golden Child (1986); Clue (1985); Better Off Dead... (1985); Growing Pains (1984); The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982); Under the Rainbow (1981); Heartbeeps (1981) and the TV movie "Ewoks: The Battle for Endor" (1985). Appears as a Klingon crewman in "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979). Small role as Clay's son in "City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold" (1994). Also had bit parts in the movies: Truth or Consequences, N.M. (1997); Heat (1995); Undercover Blues (1993); Raw Deal (1986); Trouble in Mind (1985); Silverado (1985), and the Disney TV movie "The Luck of the Irish" (2001).
Jason McLoney
Lanny Jason McLoney
Utah-based actor. Lives in Sandy, Utah with his wife Trina. Sometimes credited as: Jason McIoney; Jason Mcloney; Lanny Jason McLoney. Bit parts in the TV movie "Double Teamed" (2002) and the films "Invasion of Privacy" (1996) and "The Runner" (1999).
Julie McNeil
Professional nurse/paramedic who has appeared as an extra in some films and TV shows. Currently lives in Layton, Utah (2002). Played a "Tall Woman with dog" in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" (1999). Played an ER nurse on the TV series "Extreme" and a paramedic on "Huntress." Played a police officer in the film "Invasion of Privacy" (1996). Trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Trained at the Professional Actors Workshop under Tip Boxell, Jerry Craven, and Lance Williams.
Michael McNulty
Latter-day Saint (convert). Writer/producer/director of "The F.L.I.R Project" (2001), a direct-to-video documentary that examines whether the FBI fired upon the Branch Davidians as they attempted to escape the burning building during the Waco incident. Bio from IMDb:
Michael McNulty Investigative Researcher/Producer Mike McNulty is Investigative Researcher and Producer of "Waco: A New Revelation". His previous investigative work about Waco ["Waco: Rules of Engagement", 1997] earned him an Emmy Award and an Academy Award nomination and Best Documentary of the Year Award from the International Film Association. Mike has in-depth knowledge of the informational and technical demands of documentary productions. He also has refined investigative skills and knowledge of law enforcement, developed as a combat photographer and photojournalist in Vietnam as well as a commercial insurance professional in civilian life. Mike has served as a public relations specialist in several political campaigns. Since 1989, he has been the Director of C.O.P.S. -- Citizens Organization for Public Safety -- a national public safety group

Heather McShane
Featured extra as an alcoholic in "Net Worth" (2000), an independent film made in Park City, Utah. Small roles in "The Runner" (1999) and "Global Pursuit" (Feature Films For Families). Crew member for "No Dogs Allowed" (2002). Extra on an episode of "Touched by an Angel." Has appeared in commercials for Stilson & Stilson, Promedix Medical Supplies, IBM Tivoli Fall, Interact Commerce Corp. Has appeared on stage at Westminster Players and Theater Works West in lead or supporting roles in Twelfth Night; Romeo & Juliet; Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead; Picnic; Much Ado About Nothing.
Shannon Mears
Latter-day Saint. Male. From Burlington, Iowa. International business management major at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. Was a junior in December 2001. Chosen through an audition to co-star in actor/director Chris Cowden's hour-long student film "Kevin and Jay," made at BYU-H. Cowden said he based his decision on Mears' "enthusiasm toward the project and his ability to understand the written word's intent." Ke Alaka'i, 14 Nov. 2001: "'Kevin and Jay' is the first organized production that Mears has taken part in since his lead role in a junior high school play. Cowden was impressed with Mears' ability to portray his character as the script had intended. 'He's good,' Cowden said. Mears said that acting fits his personality and that it is something his family and friends have always encouraged him to pursue. 'It is a labor of fun and you have to make time to do fun things.'"
Tyler Measom
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Utah County. Filmmaker. Received 5 Telly Awards for his Novell and Dell commercials. Company: Telos Productions, based in Provo, Utah (2002). Directed music videos for Deseret Book-owned pop band Jericho Road: "Inside Me" (2001) and "Finding My Way Back To You" (2002). Assistant director on Clay Essig's independent feature film "Fortune Cookie" (1999). Writer, producer and director of the short film "Call Me Lou" (2001), a comedy about Lucifer. Director of the short comedy film "Fall of Man" (2002), which won 2nd Place (and a $300 cash prize) at the 2nd LDS Film Festival, held in Provo, Utah in November 2002. Director of many promotional films/commercials for Novell, including: Pilgrimage, World Wide Wait, Lottery, A Little Help; Pit Stop; Pizza. Measom is also the producer/director of projects for Compaq and Dell. Measom is the Broadcast Creative Director at Smack Dab Creative (in Provo, Utah), where he works with Shawn Rapier and Quinton Stevens. Smack Dab Creative was formed as a result of a merger between Measom's company Left Turn Productions and the web design company FX Dimensions. Websites:;
Kelly Mecham
Latter-day Saint. Graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU) film school. Grip for Blair Treu's "Just Like Dad" (1996). Best boy electric for the Feature Films For Families video "The ButterCream Gang" (1992). Best boy for the Church-produced film "Nora's Christmas Gift" (1989). Steadicam assistant for the Latter-day Saint-themed direct-to-video film "Christmas Mission" (1998). First Assistant Camera for the KBYU PBS documentary "The Call of Story" (2002). Camera operator for the KBYU documentary "The Best Crop: A History of Orchard Farming in Orem, Utah" (2002).
Shawn Mehling
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Script writer/continuity.
Greg Meiners
Lives in Kaysville, Utah with his wife Janica Meiners. One of the electricians for Blair Treu's "Wish Upon a Star" (1996). Grip for the Church-produced film "Nora's Christmas Gift" (1989). Grip for the short film "Journey to Harmony" (2002), for which Tyler Meiners was the key grip. Best boy grip for the short film "Fedora" (1994), for which Tyler Meiners was the key grip.
Tyler Meiners
Lives in Orem, Utah. Dolly grip for numerous films made in Utah, including the TV movies "Just Like Dad" (1996) and "Unforgivable" (1996), the low-budget films "Clubhouse Detectives" (1996), "Coyote Summer" (1996), "The Paper Brigade" (1996), "Same River Twice" (1996), the KBYU PBS documentary "The Call of Story" (2002), and Lee Groberg's Latter-day Saint-oriented PBS documentaries "Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail" (1997) and "American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith" (1999). Second assistant camera for the TV movie "No Laughing Matter" (1998). Electrician for the Feature Films For Families video "The ButterCream Gang" (1992). Key grip and still photographer for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002). Key grip for the short films "Fedora" (1994) and "Journey to Harmony" (2002). Key grip for the direct-to-video movie "The Robin Hood Gang" (1997). Grip for the Church-produced film "Nora's Christmas Gift" (1989). Best boy electric for the short film "Gold Fever" (1990).
Claudia Mejia
Lives in Provo, Utah. Producer/director of "Contigo en Mente Hoy." Audio technician for "A Really Great Guy."
Kymberly Mellen
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband, filmmaker Vance Mellen. Also known as: Kym Mellen; Kimberly Mellen. Actress. MFA from The Theatre School at DePaul University. Graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU), BFA in Musical/Dance/Theatre. Studied Advanced Musical Theatre with Janet Louer. Starred as "Joan Trickler" in the independent film "Screatures" (1997), written and directed by Vance Mellen. Starred as "Christine" in the independent film "The Quiet" (Silva Productions). Played "Maggie" in the independent film "An Advance on Life" (Parallax Productions). Appeared as a rape victim in a self-defense instructional video titled "Empower Yourself: Women's Self-Protection" (1996). Has starred in numerous Chicago-area stage productions. Starred in the original stage productions at BYU of bash and In the Company of Men, written and directed by acclaimed playwright and filmmaker Neil LaBute. Has also performed at Court Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Writers' Theatre, American Girls Theatre (Illinois), Jackson Hole Playhouse (Wyoming), Pioneer Memorial Theatre (Utah), Sundance Theatre (Utah) and othes. Website:
Vance Mellen
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Chicago, Illinois with his wife, actress Kymberly Mellen. Writer/director. Graduated in 1994 from Brigham Young University (BYU), BFA in film direction. Graduated in 1997 from the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA in film. Has taught at the American Academy of Art from 1998 to the present. Mellen wrote, directed, shot, starred in, and edited the experimental video "Screatures" (1997), which includes 16mm film and computer-generated imagery. Appeared in the video "Empower Yourself" (1996). From 1990 to 1997 he produced a short film each semester while he was a film student. Has written screenplays for two films which he hopes to direct: "Revelations" (2001) and "Angel of Death" (1997). "Revelations", about a Kansas preacher who tries to jump start the Apocalypse by training a young insurance salesman to be the Anti-Christ, was a Sundance Screenwriters Lab finalist. "John Brown, Angel of Death" is a historical drama about an obsessive Abolitionist's drive for penance at Harper's Ferry, and garnered Mellen an Illinois Arts Council Grant. Was a semifinalist in the Chesterfield, Cyclone, Empire and New Century screenwriting competitions in 1997 and 2000. Credited with "Production Record" in the award-winning short film "Fedora" (1994). Website:
April Mellor
Latter-day Saint. Production assistant for the Book of Mormon-oriented documentary video "In Search of 'Ancient Cumorah'" (2001), which was produced by Randy Mellor.
Randy Mellor
Latter-day Saint. Sometimes credited as: Randy S. Mellor. Executive producer and producer (along with Dave Asay) of the documentary video "In Search of 'Ancient Cumorah'" (2001), which is sold in Latter-day Saint bookstores.
Sam Melville
Born 20 August 1936, Fillmore, Utah. Died 9 March 1989, Los Angeles, California (heart failure). Best known for 2 TV series roles. He played officer Mike Danko (the 4th-billed role) on the TV series "The Rookies" (1972-1976). Also had a regular role as "Joe King" on the TV series "The Scarecrow and Mrs. King" (1983-1987). Major supporting roles in the films "Big Wednesday" (1978) and "The Assassin" (1989), and the TV movie "The Rookies" (1972). Minor roles in films: Fists of Steel (1991); Twice Dead (1988); The Thomas Crown Affair (1968); Hour of the Gun (1967); Roughnecks (1980); Terror in the Sky (1971). TV guest appearances include: T.J. Hooker; The A-Team; The Dukes of Hazzard; Gunsmoke; Hawaii Five-O; The Young Lawyers; Dundee and the Culhane; The Big Valley; The Fugitive; Hogan's Heroes.
O. Douglas Memmott
Latter-day Saint. Producer and co-director with Kieth Merrill of the IMAX film "Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods" (1986). Co-producer of two other Kieth Merrill large format destination films: "San Francisco: The Movie" (1995) and "Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets" (1984). "Grand Canyon" has grossed over $105 million and over $150 million worldwide at the box office, possibly making it the most profitable documentary in film history.
Charles Meakin
Born 2 October 1879 in Utah. Died 17 January 1961, Hollywood, California. Sometimes credited as: Charles W. Meakin. Small or bit parts (often uncredited) in at least 27 movies, including: It's a Wonderful Life (1946); Citizen Kane (1941); The Lady from Shanghai (1948); The Woman in the Window (1944); Joan of Arc (1948); The Idle Class (1921).
Sydney Meeks
Office P.A. for Blair Treu's feature film "Little Secrets" (2002). Head of filmmaker services for the Native Forum, Sundance Film Festival.
Jim Mendenhall
Born 7 June 1928 in Utah. Died 1 December 1990. Birth name: Athen James Mendenhall. Credited as ana actor with small roles in "The Secret of the Ice Cave" (1989); "They Still Call Me Bruce" (1987); "With This Ring" (1978; TV); "The Other Side of Hell" (1978; TV); "Ruby and Oswald" (1977; TV). Also credited with a guest bit part on a 1972 epsiode of "Sanford and Son", and as the production manager on "They Still Call Me Bruce."
Heidi Mendez
Latter-day Saint. Popular actress and TV personality in Spain. Regular actress on the TV show "Inocente Inocente." Star of the TV movie "Paginas Ocultas" (1998). From BYU Theatre and Film Department Alumni magazine:
Heidi Mendez (BA '82), Pozuelo, Madrid, Spain, has worked continuously since her graduation as an actress, director and choreographer. She earned a master's equivalent and has taken courses towards her doctorate at the Universidad de Alcala de Henares in Madrid, and has taught in a number of different venues. Her most recent roles have been in a one-woman show, Zelda; in Paginas Ocultas for Television Espanola (that will air in 1998), and as a regular on the TeleMadrid comedy show Inocente Inocente. She also choreographed and performed a cabaret at the residence of the American Ambassador to Spain. She and her husband are the parents of two children, and she adds, "My children were nursed during rehearsals, and played in portable playpens in green rooms. It's not easy filling both roles, but it's possible! This last year has been dedicated to the open house for the Madrid Temple, and we were thrilled to have lunch with the Prophet. My best calling has been as a bishop's wife for the past six years."

Mario Mendez
Lives in Murray, Utah. Directed the 3-minute experimental film "Time," which competed in the 2002 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. Shot in 16mm, the film is described thus: One man's struggle with the redundancy of everyday life to discover if there's time to break the monotony of if the monotony will break him.
Aja Mercer
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Along with 9 other filmmakers, made the short (19 min., 45 sec.) film "The Farm," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is the story of a group of children sent to a camp to learn to conform to society.
James Merendino
Born in 1967. Raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Director of the low-budget independent film "SLC Punk!" (1999), his semi-autobiographical look at growing up in Salt Lake City in the 1980s. Director of other low-budget films, including: Amerikana (2001); Magicians (2000); Alexandria Hotel (1998); A River Made to Drown In (1997); Livers Ain't Cheap (1997); Terrified (1995); Hard Drive (1994); The Upstairs Neighbour (1994); Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart (1992).
Dan Merket
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Logan, Utah with his wife, Cathy. 4th-billed role in Joseph Osborn's low-budget feature film "No Dogs Allowed" (2002). Did voice work for the PBS documentary "Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail" (1997). Has appeared in small roles on the TV series "Touched by an Angel" and "Promised Land." Has also appeared in commercials made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Has also performed on stage.
Dan Merkley
Latter-day Saint. Co-writer of Nathan Smith Jones' feature mockumentary "The Work and the Story" (2003), about the birth of the modern era of Latter-day Saint cinema.
Aaron Merrill
Aaron Merrill is an award winning composer and audio engineer and has produced music and/or sound for over 50 television shows, dozens of feature films, and several albums. He did the post production sound for The Saratov Approach, Silent Night, The Letter Writer, Joseph Smith Plates of Gold, One Good Man, and several others.) His work can be heard on hundreds of productions across the globe - from ABC, CBS, Fox, Warner/Chappell, National Cable Network, Big Ten Network, Simon & Schuster, Taylor Street Films, KCRA Television & News, Make A Wish Foundation, Nest Entertainment, Bringing Hope Foundation, NonStop Music, Kaleidoscope Pictures, LDS Motion Picture Studio, Franklin Covey, BYU Broadcasting, and many others. He is a graduate from BYU with a double emphasis in Media Music Composition and Sound Recording Technology, owns a recording studio in Highland Utah, and lives with his wife and six children. Go to for more information.
Kieth Merrill
Latter-day Saint. Academy Award-winning director. Profile Page
Mary Merrill
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Utah. Given the following credits in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002): Associate Producer, Second Script Supervisor, Additional Accounting; Assistant To Mr. Merrill; Script Supervisor (Second Unit). She also has an onscreen role as the secretary to "Mark," the 2nd male lead, played by Adam Johnson. "Charly" was produced by Micah Merrill.
Dagen Merrill
Latter-day Saint. Hometown: Los Angeles, California. Son of Academy Award-winning director Kieth Merrill. Graduated in April 2002 with a Masters degree from the Peter Stark film progrom at the University of Southern California. Dagen Merrill was one of 4 finalists in the final round of the Project Greenlight contest sponsored by HBO and filmmakers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. He was chosen from among several thousands of entries, which were then narrowed down to 250, then 50, then 10, and finally 4. In January 2003 he was flown from Africa, where he was filming a documentary, to the award ceremony in Park City, Utah. But he did not win. The short films/scenes that he submitted in the contest were: Crawl Space; Going After Jack; Waking Up; Goldie and the Three Tickets. Producer of the 22-minute film "King Returns," which competed in the 2002 Boston Film Festival. Credited as Assistant to the Director (his father) in the big-budget Church-produced film "Testaments of One Fold and Shepherd" (2000). Dagen Merrill's short film "Goldie and the Three Tickets," which he made with fellow USC student Mia Fenwick, was one of 10 finalists in the national Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker's competition. Bio from press kit for "The King Returns" (
In the remote jungles of Western Samoa, Dagen landed his first full-time film job at the age of 13. He has since gained extensive commercial and theatrical production experience above the line including work on Academy Award nominated documentary AMAZON. He holds a BA in Marketing Communications, and was accepted into the USC Peter Stark Production Program where he currently seeks an MFA. Dagen has produced numerous short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials including the "Coke Refreshing Young Film Maker" award winning short CHILDHOOD DREAMS, the AFI thesis film KING RETURNS, and the USC thesis film AMERICAN GULAG showing this year at "First Look". As a Producer Dagen's goals include the successful integration of "art" films into a commercial market. His work on KING RETURNS has helped him understand the complexities of this goal, but has also given him new impetus to continue forward.

Micah Merrill
Latter-day Saint. Birth name: Micah W. Merrill. Sometimes credited as: M. William Merrill. Producer of the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002) and the award-winning short Biblical Latter-day Saint video "The Touch" (1997), both of which were directed by Adam Anderegg. Also co-write "The Touch" and was the editor of "Jack Weyland's Charly." Produced the the video "Fourth Witness: The Mary Whitmer Story" (1996), a dramatic from Latter-day Saint history.
Ryan Merrill
Latter-day Saint. Singer. Member of the Utah-based band "Colors," along with Russell Dixon and Brian Tibbets. All of them are returned missionaries. Merrill is the band's percussionist. The band was the focus of Tucker T. Dansie's documentary "Colors: Up Close & Personal" (1999), which is sold on video in Latter-day Saint bookstores. Website:
Nicki Merry
Utah-based actress. Sometimes credited as: Nikki Merry. Played a friend of the lead character from Relief Society, a guest at a party, and a Visitor's Center patron in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002). Small roles in the films "Just A Dream", "Jumping For Joy" (Feature Films For Families, 1999), "Finders Keepers" (Feature Films For Families" and "This is Your Life" (Novell, Cosmic Pictures). TV appearances on "Touched By An Angel" and as a singer on "Country Joe's Karaoke Cafe." Has appeared in commercials for March of Dimes, Beneficial Life, IBM. Producer of Father Of The Bride, a Riverton Arts Council stage production. Appeared in Riverton To The Front and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, also Riverton Arts Council productions. Voiceover work (narrator) for a Mountain Star Health Care commercial. Was also a production assistant for "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002).
Lori Mertz
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Production coordinator and production manager.
Hunter Metcalf
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. With 4 other filmmakers, made the short (4 min., 20 sec.) film "Floz," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film is a look at purchasing in the near future.
Martin Metcalf
Lives in South Salt Lake City, Utah. Also credited as: Martin L. Metcalf; Marty Metcalf. Company: One Good Eye Productions. Director and camera operator. Director of photography for: A Fighting Chance; Ritual Abuse; What Price the Past; World Cup Skiing. Many of these are documentaries. Director of "Always Kids" documentaries. Director of "Zinj TV," a 1994-1996 TV series.
Mycole Metcalf
Utah-based actress. Sometimes credited as: Mycole Metcaff. Studying at the The Actor's Lounge in Salt Lake City, Utah. Star of Donald Larussi PSA (Public Service Announcment) film "Salt Rape City" (2002). Bit part as "Gossip Girl #3" (at the singles dance) in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Singles Ward" (2002). Uncredited role as a cocktail waitress in "Ocean's Eleven" (2001). Minor role in T.C. Christensen's direct-to-video movie "Bug Off!" (2001). Appeared regularly as "Babe #1" on the MTV series "The Andy Dick Show" (2001). Featured extra in the TV movie "The Darkling" (2000).
Charles Metten
Latter-day Saint. Actor with small roles in the family films made in Utah "Behind the Waterfall (1995), "No More Baths" (1998), and "Wish Upon a Star (1996). Small roles in the TV movies "Detention: The Siege at Johnson High" (1997) and "Harmful Intent" (1993). Has acted in important films for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. TV guest appearances on the TV series "Touched by an Angel."
Joseph Metten
Latter-day Saint. 3D matchmove artist for "Space Cowboys" (2000). 3D camera matchmover (working for Industrial Light and Magic) for "Sleepy Hollow" (1999).
Caitlin E.J. Meyer
Latter-day Saint. Born 29 February 1992, Salt Lake City, Utah. Birth name: Caitlin Elizabeth Joelle Meyer. Sometimes credited as: Caitlin Meyer. She has 7 siblings. Small part in "Handcart" (2002), about the Martin Handcart Company pioneers' trek to Utah. Had a featured role in the LDS video "Love Thy Neighbor", directed by Scott Featherstone. Apeared in a Direct Response AD for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an ad shown on television and at Visitors Centers at temples. In 2001 she had co-starring roles on episodes of the TV series "JAG", "Cover Me" and "It's A Miracle" (PAX). Appeared in a national commercial for Tylenol which first aired 7 October 2002. Has had featured roles in two films made in Utah: "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" (2001) and the theatrically released "Little Secrets" (2001), directed by Blair Treu. At the 24th Annual Young Artist Awards Meyer won the award for "Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Actress Age Ten or Younger" for her role in "Little Secrets," (beating out young actresses from "Signs", "Spy Kids 2", "Rabbit-Proof Fence" and "Evelyn"). Caitlin had another breakthrough role playing the lead in the short direct-to-video/DVD film "A Pioneer Miracle" (2003), directed by T.C. Christensen. In this dramatic and moving recreation of actual events from early Utah history, Caitlin played the Belle Richards as a young girl who disobeys her father's orders to stay home and watch her little brother while the rest of the family harvests sap in a much-anticipated seasonal event. Caitlin's character learns lessons about obedience, and also experiences a miraculous intervention that saves the life of her and her brother from a rock slide. Her performance in "A Pioneer Miracle" earned Caitlin her second win from the Hollywood-based Young Artist Awards: She received the "Best Performance in a Short Film" award, beating out 3 Hollywood-based child actors, including Darian Weiss of "Days of Our Lives." In 2003 had the lead role in "The Getaway," a short film directed by a USC graduate student. Has had many stage roles in Utah, including Are the Meadowlarks Still Singing and as the Ghost of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol at the Hale Centre Theatre. Official websites: and New credits as of 9/25/2007 include parts in Saving Sarah Cain; Beauty and the Beast A Latter Day Tale; Turn Around; Step in Time; Take A Chance; Samuel the Lamanite; Pirates of the Great Salt Lake; Because of Charlie (short); On Vacation (short); Against Type Internet Series; and J.A.G.
David W. Meyer
Also credited as: David Meyer. Director and cinematographer for the short film "Last Day at Carthage" (1967), produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The film narration and uses film footage taken at actual historical locations to tell the story of the martyrdom of the prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum.
J. Dhylan Meyer
Latter-day Saint. Born 28 October 1993 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lives in Utah. Birth name: John Dhylan Meyer. Nickname: Dil. Dhylan is the younger brother of child starlet Caitlin E.J. Meyer. Child actor/model. His first film job was an uncredited part as a "Booth kid" in Blair Treu's feature film "Little Secrets" (2002), which features his older sister in a supporting role. Small, uncredited part in Kels Goodman's Latter-day Saint-themed historical epic feature film "Handcart" (2002). Had a lead role in two short films (2004): He played "Chris" in "Loving Kimberly," a short film directed by Marc Inman. He played "Buster Bunny" in the Spy Hop Productions short film "Make Way for Dumb Bunnies," directed by Jamie Bereece, based on the children's book by Sue Denim and Dav Pilkey. Had a guest role on the network TV series "Everwood" playing the part of "Michael Beck," an autistic boy, in the episode titled "Staking Claim" (episode # 3.3), which first aired 27 September 2004. Sang the national anthem at the Stingers Ball Game in May 2003. Has appeared in TV commercials including Sun Guy, Homefront (PSA from Church-owned Bonneville Communications) and Hollywood Connection. Has also done print ads for clients including Jiffy Lube. Stagework includes playing "Randy" in City Rep's production of The Christmas Story and playing Young Don/Cosmo in Hale Centre Theatre's production of Singing in the Rain (October/November 2004). Official website:

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