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Lynn Cier
Lives in Park City, Utah. Location scout for the feature films "Drive Me Crazy" (1999), "For Love of the Game", and "The Runner", and for commercials, including Zions Bank, Land's End, Border Music. Craft service for the movie "A Midnight Clear" (1991).
James Claflin
Latter-day Saint. Utah-based actor. Had the 3rd-billed major role in Kels Goodman's feature film "Y2K, a Comedy" (2000).
Alison Akin Clark
Latter-day Saint. Also credited as: Alison Clark. Actress with lead role as a dance student in New York City in "Out of Step" (2002), the 5th feature film released in the "LDS Cinema" genre. Bio from official "Out of Step" movie website:
Clark makes her film debut as Jenny Thomas, a gifted dancer from a small Mormon town who is determined to make it big in New York. Clark was destined to be a success from the moment she stepped onto a stage. While attending College at BYU she was chosen to be in the highly recognized performance group Young Ambassadors. This past year Clark has traveled to over 30 countries as the lead singer performing on the MS MAASDAM for the Holland American Cruise Line. She has an extensive theatrical background playing various rolls, such as Billie Dawn in Born Yesterday, Amalia Balash in She Loves Me, and has recently starred as Laurey in the Tuacahn production of Oklahoma.

Ashley Clark
Utah actress. Twin sister of actress Jessica Clark. Supporting role in P.T. Anderson's "Punch-Drunk Love" (2002) as "Latisha," the Provo-based phone-sex operator whose four Mormon brothers are sent after Adam Sandler's character. Small or bit parts in the feature films "Evolution" (2001) and "Edtv" (1999), and in the TV movies "The Darkling" (2000) and "Cleopatra" (1999). Ashley and her twin sister Jessica played the child role of "Maxie Jones" on the TV soap opera "General Hospital" from 1992-1993. They previously shared the role of a baby in the TV movie "Flight of Black Angel" (1991).
Blair Clark
Latter-day Saint. Born 29 January 1962. Lives in California. Computer graphics animator and visual effects supervisor. Works at Tippett Studio, a leading Hollywood visual effects studio, based in Berkeley, California. Bio from 3D visual effects conference 3D Festival 2004 (
Blair Clark studied film making, and sculpture at the California College of Arts and Craft in 1981. He joined C.W.I. to work on GREMLINS (1982), ENEMY MINE (1985), and THE FLY (1986) as a lead machinist and lead puppeteer. From 1986 to 1991 Blair worked at the Industrial Light and Magic Model, Creature, and Stop-Motion Departments to work on many well known movies. At ILM, Blair also worked for Phil Tippett on ROBOCOP (1987), HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS (1989) and on ROBOCOP II (1990). In 1993, he joined Phil at Tippett Studio where Blair stepped into the role of VFX Supervisor for the Production of CATS & DOGS. Blair's lates work includes that as a VFX supervisor for Blade II and HELLBOY.

Brian Clark
Latter-day Saint. Utah-based actor. Married to actress Alison Akin Clark. Appeared on stage in Oklahoma! at Tuacahn and Forever Plaid at Provo Theatre Company. Graduated from BYU's music/dance/theater program. Brian Clark has a small part in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Out of Step" (2002), which features his wife in the lead role. Brian's role in "Out of Step" is listed as "Student One," presumably one of the students asked to speak in Jenny's philosophy class. Brian is also credited as the still photographer for "Out of Step." The couple has worked together as featured entertainers for Holland America Cruise Lines.
Cecil Clark
Lives in Morgan, Utah. Wardrobe/costumer.
Christopher S. Clark
Latter-day Saint. Married. Director and film editor who, along with his business partner, cinematographer Christopher S. Clark, made the 42-minute dramatic film "Amidst the Gateway," which premiered at the 2nd LDS Film Festival, held in Provo, Utah in November 2002. The spiritual film is described thus: "A young man comes to see his true self by remembering his golden, yet gloomy youth." The filmmakers conducted a question and answer period along with their special screening at the Festival. Clark and his team also competed in the Festival's 24-Hour Filmmaking Marathon competition, and the film they completed in 24 hours, titled "Outward In," tied for 1st place with one other film, earning the filmmaker a split $400 cash reward as well as great acclaim. Parker and Clark form the company Lumasion Media, located in their two home studios in Holladay, Utah. The company does multimedia work, including corporate video, commercials and wedding video. Their services include: Day-Shoots/Hourly Shoots; Editing/Post-Production; 3D Animation; Digital FX/Compositing/Title Sequences/2D Animation; Duplication; DVD Authoring. Their clients include: Ivory Homes: Utah's Number One Home Builder; Salt Lake City Community College; Utah League of Credit Unions; and Treehouse Museum of Holladay and Orem. Website:
Cindy Clark
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Associate producer/assistant director on projects for AFI, Global Artists, Sergio & Spiegel.
David M. Clark
Latter-day Saint. Executive producer of "He Took My Licking" (2001), a short narrative video sold in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores, which was produced, scripted and directed by Michael Mills.
Jessica Clark
Utah actress. Twin sister of actress Ashley Clark. Ashley and her twin sister Jessica played the child role of "Maxie Jones" on the TV soap opera "General Hospital" from 1992-1993. They previously shared the role of a baby in the TV movie "Flight of Black Angel" (1991).
Jessie Clark
Latter-day Saint. Studied under Seth Riggs, Gayle Lockwood, Patty Miner, Dan Whitley, Ron Feldman, and Miles Thoroughgood. Played a student on an episode of "Touched by an Angel." Has appeared in a Smith's commercial, a Channel 2 News Infomercial, and starred in a KSL-TV new program. Theater experience includes performing at BYU, American Fork Theater Co., and Orem High School. Performances as a singer include: LDS Hymns Skreem Entertainment; National USABDA Annual Competition; Lagoon Entertainment.
Kathy Clark
Lives in Morgan, Utah. Wardrobe/costumer.
Les Clark
Born 17 November 1907, Ogden, Utah. Died 12 September 1979, Santa Barbara, California. Birth name: Leslie James Clark. Legendary Disney animator. One of the so-called "Nine Old Men" who was with Walt Disney from the beginning of his career and stayed with him throughout the years. Director of: Man, Monsters and Mysteries (1973); I'm No Fool with Electricity (1970); Goofy's Freeway Troubles (1965); Freewayphobia #1 (1965); Paul Bunyan (1958). Animation director on: Lady and the Tramp (1955); Peter Pan (1953); Alice in Wonderland (1951); Melody Time (1948); Fun and Fancy Free (1947); Song of the South (1946). Animator on over 30 other films, including: Mickey Mouse Disco (1979); One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961); Sleeping Beauty (1959); Make Mine Music (1946); The Three Caballeros (1945); Der Fuehrer's Face (1943); Dumbo (1941); Fantasia (1940) (animator); Pinocchio (1940); Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937); The Goddess of Spring (1934); The Skeleton Dance (1929); Steamboat Willie (1928).
Rochelle "Rocky" Clark
Lives in West Valley, Utah. Sometimes creditd as: Rochelle 'Rockie' Clark; Rochelle Clark. Field producer of the TV programs "Ancient Secrets of the Bible" (1992), parts 1 and 2. Assistant production coordinator for the feature film "Made Men" (1999), the TV movie "Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!" (1998), and also "Box," "Host" and "Midnight Man."
Sherman Clark
Born 26 October 1900, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died 13 March 1978, Burbank, California. Birth name: Sherman Lyle Clark. Still photographer with at least 20 film credits, including: Soldier in the Rain (1963); Shakedown (1950); Comanche Territory (1950) ; Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff (1949); Sword in the Desert (1949); Yes Sir That's My Baby (1949); The Countess of Monte Cristo (1948); Afraid to Talk (1932).
William Clark
Jewish. Resident of Salt Lake City, Utah. Director of two movies filmed in Utah: the feature film "The Goodbye Bird" (1993) and the television movie "Windrunner" (1995), which was written by Mitch Davis.
Cam Clarke
Latter-day Saint. 6 November 1957, Burbank, California. Sometimes credited as: Cam Clark; Cameron Clarke; James Flinders; Jimmy Flinders. Began his career appearing live on "The King Family Show" (1965-1969). Starred as "Jimmy" in 1970s California and Utah productions of the Latter-day Saint stage musical Saturday's Warrior. Now a prominent voice actor. Perhaps best known as the voice of "Leonardo" the star of the animated TV series "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (1987-1995). Also had the 1st billed role providing Leonardo's voice in multiple "Ninja Turtle" videos and videogames. Another prominent role was that of "Simba" the lion in the Disney animated TV series "Timon and Pumbaa" (1995-1998), and the singing voice of Simba in the Disney video "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride" (1998). Was the voice of "Flounder" in the Disney video "The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea (2000). Other major regular TV roles include: "Rex Hunter" on "101 Dalmatians: The Series" (1996-1998);"Peter Shepherd" on "Jumanji" (1996); "Maxwell Keller" on "Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles" (1996); "Die Fledermaus" on the animated series "The Tick" (1994-1997). Has been a regular cast member on at least 30 animated TV shows. His voice work for Feature Films For Families includes a major role as Simeon in their video about Jesus' resurrection, "He is Risen" (1988). Major voice roles in the video "Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island" (1998) and numerous video games. Starred in the 2nd billed role in the live-action feature film "What's Up, Hideous Sun Demon" (1983), which drew from "The Hideous Sun Demon" (1959) -- the only feature film written, produced and directed by his father, horror movie actor Robert Clarke. Also had major roles in the live action films "The Avenging" (1982) and "Baker's Hawk" (1976).
Chris Clark
Latter-day Saint. Also credited as: Christopher Clark. Actor. Graduated with a BA from Brigham Young University (BYU). Graduated with MFA degree from the University of Exeter, England. Had small roles in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature films "Brigham City" (2001), "Out of Step" (2002), and "Saints and Soldiers" (2003). Also appeared in the independent feature film "No Pills in Happyland" (1999), the educational video "The Road to Riches" (2001), the short BYU student films "Auteur" (2001) and "Seth", and the video "Families and Forgiveness." His impressive stage acting credentials include being a guest performer at the famed Globe Theatre in London, and performing with both the Royal Shakespeare Company and the British Touring Shakespeare Company. Was a two-time Irene Ryan National Acting finalist.
Lynn Clark
Based in Utah County. Sometimes Credited As: T. Lynn Clark. Construction coordinator for the feature films "Unhook the Stars" (1996) and "A Midnight Clear" (1991), and for the TV movie "In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion" (1992). Carpenter for the Church-produced film "Nora's Christmas Gift" (1989). Other credits include: "A Home of Our Own" and "Boys of Twillight."
Robert Clarke
Latter-day Saint. Born 1 June 1920, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Father of voice actor Cam Clarke (Cameron). Actor appeared in over 80 movies. Best known as a star of B horror movies. Some of the movies he starred include: Midnight Movie Massacre (1988); First Strike (1985); Frankenstein Island (1981); Where's Willie? (1978); Secret File: Hollywood (1962); Terror of the Bloodhunters (1962); Beyond the Time Barrier (1960); Date with Death (1959); The Hideous Sun Demon (1959); The Incredible Petrified World (1959); The Astounding She-Monster (1957); Girl with an Itch (1957); Outlaw Queen (1957); The Black Pirates (1954); Body Beautiful (1953); Sword of Venus (1953); The Sword of D'Artagnan (1951); Street Bandits (1951); Casa Manana (1951); Tales of Robin Hood (1951); The Man From Planet X (1951). Producer of "Beyond the Time Barrier" (1960) and "The Hideous Sun Demon" (1959), which he also wrote and directed. Had a regular role as "Ray Lansing" on the soap opera "General Hospital" in 1963. TV guest appearances include: Adam-12; Dragnet; Knight Rider; Marcus Welby, M.D.; Matt Houston; Murder, She Wrote; Perry Mason; Simon & Simon; The Lone Ranger; Wagon Train. IMDb bio,,+Robert+(I):
A movie-crazy kid in his native Oklahoma City, Robert Clarke decided at an early age that he wanted to be an actor, but nevertheless suffered from stage fright in his first school productions. He acted in University of Oklahoma radio plays and on sta ge at the University of Wisconsin before hitching a ride to California to try to break into the picture business. After screen tests at 20th Century-Fox and Columbia, Clarke landed a berth as a contract player at RKO. When RKO dropped his option three years later, he began freelancing. Clarke married Alyce King of the singing King Sisters in 1956 and, a decade later, began appearing on TV and on tour with "The King Family". His autobiography To "B" or Not to "B": A Film Actor's Odyssey was published in 1996.

Roger Clarke
Lead Modeler for Zygote Media, based in Provo, Utah. An animator for the direct-to-video Disney movie "The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea" (2000). Inbetweener for the Disney video "The Return of Jafar" (1994). Special effects crew animator for the Disney video "Aladdin and the King of Thieves" (1996). Working for Zygote Media, which contracted with companies such as Digital Domain, Manex and Sony Imageworks), Clarke has done anatomy modeling for the feature films "Hollow Man" and "The 5th Element," and character modeling for "Bless the Child" and "Fight Club," as well as character modeling for a Jeep commercial (Zebra theme) and Coke commercials (Panda Bears, Wall Dancers. Website:
Melinda Clarkson
See: Melinda Haynes.
Chester Clawson
Co-cinematographer (along with Shirley Clawson) for the film "Latter-day Saint Leaders: Past and Present" (1948), produced by Deseret Film Productions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Dal Clawson
Latter-day Saint. Born circa 1886, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died 18 July 1937, Englewood, New Jersey. Birth name: Lawrence Dallin Clawson. Brother of screenwriter Elliott J. Clawson. Cinematographer of at least 58 movies, including: The Horror (1933); Love at First Sight (1930); What Price Love? (1927); The Corsican Brothers (1920); The Temple of Dusk (1918); The Vagabond Prince (1916); The Yankee Girl (1915); Sunshine Molly (1915); The Merchant of Venice (1914).
Duff Clawson
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Company: Duff Clawson Creative, Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah. Graduated from the University of Utah, BA, 1975. Salt Lake City-based commercial creative consultant, writer, and director with local, regional, and national credits and awards. As an actor, Duff has appeared as Judas in "The Lamb of God" (1993), Jarius in "Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000), and the Lawyer/Man-on-the-Road to Jericho in "The Good Samaritan" (1998). Website: His description, from Site Creative Network:
Over 30 years experience in giving my clients what they want -- from Creative consulting, copywriting, scripting, Storyboarding, and Directing -- including translation of Utah's local quirks. My forte is emotion. Your spot must move your audience emotionally or your audience won't buy what you're selling. Credits: Larry H. Miller (UT Jazz, Automotive Image), Thanksgiving Point, Gus Paulos Chevrolet, Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers, Lagoon, Seven Peaks, Mt. Olympus Spring Water, KUTV, KSL TV, KMGH TV (Denver), Central Bank, United Health Care, Deseret Book, Idaho Potatoes.

Elliott J. Clawson
Latter-day Saint. Born 19 January 1883, Salt Lake City, Utah. Died 21 July 1942, Vista, California. Birth name: Elliott Jud Clawson. Sometimes credited as: E.J. Clawson; Elliott Clawson; Elliot Clawson. Screenwriter of over 70 movies. 4 Academy Award nominations.
Shirley Clawson
Co-cinematographer (along with Chester Clawson) for the film "Latter-day Saint Leaders: Past and Present" (1948), produced by Deseret Film Productions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Joseph Clay
Second assistant director for the diret-to-video movie "Someone Was Watching" (2002), directed by Mark Goodman.
Nathan Clay
Second second assistant director for the diret-to-video movie "Someone Was Watching" (2002), directed by Mark Goodman. Joseph Clay (presumably a relative) was the 2nd assistant director.
Jane Clayson
Latter-day Saint. Born 25 April 1967, Salt Lake City, Utah. TV news anchor. Host of "The Early Show", CBS' national morning program.
Hyde Clayton
Latter-day Saint. Born 13 April 1914. Died March 1979, Salt Lake City, Utah. Actor with small roles in 3 movies produced by Charles Selliers: "Beyond and Back" (1978); "The Time Machine" (1978) and "Guardian of the Wilderness" (1977). Actor in Kieth Merrill's "Take Down" (1978).
Kimberly Clayton
Latter-day Saint Based in central Utah. Wardrobe/costume designer credits include numerous stage plays at Utah and other Utah County venues: Man of La Moncha, Fiddler On the Roof, Petals and Pearls, Much Ado About Nothing (2000 at BYU), Goodbye Marianne (Feb. 2000 at BYU), Midsummer Night's Dream, Aspects of Love.
Marguerite Clayton
Born 12 April 1891, Ogden, Utah. 20 December 1968, Los Angeles, California. Actress appeared in at least 48 films between 1909 and 1928, including: Wolf Blood (1925); Inspiration (1928); Sky High Corral (1926); Tiger Thompson (1924). Usually had major or starring roles.
Eldridge Cleaver
Latter-day Saint (convert; did not remain an active churchgoer). Best known as the minister of information for the Black Panther Party, 1960s. Born 31 August 1935, Wabbaseka, Arkansas. Died 1 May 1998, Pomona, California. Birth name: Eldridge Leroy Cleaver. Worked closely with Malcom X. Appears (as himself) in a number of documentaries and films, including: "All Power to the People (1996), "Death of a Prophet" (1981), "Malcolm X" (1972), "One P.M." (1972), "Eldridge Cleaver" (1970), and "Black Panther" (1969). Profile Page
Danny Cleaveland
Lives in the Moab, Utah area. Construction (fencer) for the movie "Passion in the Desert" (1997). Driver or production assistants for commercials: Isuzu (Indigo Productions); Toyota (The Artists); Dos Santos (Treasure Productions).
Richard J. Clifford
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Provo, Utah with his wife Julie. Sometimes credited as: Richard Clifford. Actor best known for his role as the creepy photographer with the hidden video collection in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature thriller "Brigham City" (2001). Played "Judas," the title role in the remarkable BYU short student film "Iscariot (2001). On stage, he earned rave reviews for starring as Handel in Tim Slover's Joyful Noise in 1998, and he had major roles in I Hate Hamlet at Provo Theatre Company, and in Much Ado About Nothing (2000). Art department intern for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The R.M." (2003). Cast in a supporting role in Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie (2003). Bio from Book of Mormon movie website (
Richard has appeared in a variety of roles on stage, screen and television.

Richard's stage credits include: Shenandoah (Playmill Theatre), I hate Hamlet (Provo Theatre Company), The Taming of the Shrew (Arena Theatre), To Kill a Mockingbird (Pardoe Theatre), Big River (Playmill Theatre), R. & G. Are Dead (ARTE) and Joyful Noise (Pardoe Theatre).

Richard's Film credits include: The Testaments, Brigham City, Iscariot, Collusion and Barren Earth. In addition, Richard has had a recurring role on Touched By An Angel (CBS).

[NOTE: There is a British actor also named "Richard Clifford" who is DIFFERENT than the actor who appeared in "Brigham City."]
Debra Clinger
Latter-day Saint. Sometimes credited as: Debbie Clinger. Pop music singer and TV entertainer during the 1970s. Began her career singing in Church in Utah. Eventually she and her sisters (Patsy Clinger and Peggy Clinger) formed a group known as the Clinger Sisters, and they were featured on TV shows such as "The Andy Williams Show" and Danny Kaye's show. Recorded some popular albums in the late 1960s. Appeared in productions of "Saturday's Warrior," made commercials. Launched a TV career when she landed a regular role on the "The Krofft Supershow" (1976-1978) as "Superchick" (one of the Kongs). Next had a regular role as "Amy Waddell" on the short-lived TV series "The American Girls" (1978), also known as "Have Girls Will Travel." She hour-long series ran for 11 episodes. TV guest appearances included: Hart to Hart; The Love Boat; The Hollywood Squares; The Runaways; The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries; Barnaby Jones. Did voice work for the animated TV specials "The Stingiest Man in Town" (1978) and "Jack Frost" (1979). Had the second-billed role in the family-friendly movie "Midnight Madness" (1980), co-starring with Michael J. Fox. Had the top-billed role in the TV movie "Willow B: Women in Prison" (1980).
Christina Cline
Lives in Lehi, Utah. Camera operator. Camera loader for the independent film "Partners in Crime" (2000).
Travis Cline
Latter-day Saint. Film student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Cinematographer for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Pride and Prejudice: A Utah Comedy" (2003), directed by Andrew Black. Cinematographer for "The Snell Show" (2002), the critically acclaimed short film directed by Andrew Black which won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah in January 2003. Cline was also the foley assistant for "The Snell Show." Cinematographer for the award-winning BYU short student film "The Promethean" (2003). Loader for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Jack Weyland's Charly" (2002). Won the award for "Best Cinematography in a body of work" at BYU's Final Cut student film festival in 2002. Also won the Judges Award for the Final Cut 2002 trailer (along with the trailer's co-creators Andrew Black, Jason Faller, Kynan Griffin, and Alexander Vance). First assistant camera for the award-winning short film "Roots & Wings" (2002). Camera assistant for the KBYU documentary "The Best Crop: A History of Orchard Farming in Orem, Utah" (2002). Second assistant camera for the short film "Journey to Harmony" (2002). Glidecam operator for the BYU student film "Unfolding" (2003).
Bryce Clinger
Lives in Centerville, Utah. Also known as: Bryce A. Clinger. Appears briefly in the background in the restaurant scene in T.C. Christensen's direct-to-video movie "Bug Off!" (2001).
Craig L. Clyde
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Craig Clyde. Utah-based actor, writer and director. Co-producer and screenwriter for Gary Rogers' Book of Mormon movie (2003). Writer/director of a number of direct-to-video family films, including: Dumb Luck (2001); No Place Like Home (2001); Castle Rock (2000); Ghost Ship (2000); Heaven Sent (1998); A Dog's Tale (1999); The Long Road Home (1999); Walking Thunder (1997); Winslow the Christmas Bear (1996); Wind Dancer (1993); Legend of Wolf Mountain (1992). Screenwriter of the feature films "China O'Brien II" (1991) and "Blood Games" (1990). Actor in at least 26 feature films and TV movies (most shot in Utah), including: Tripwire (1990); Hangar 18 (1980); Beyond Death's Door (1978); I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (2001); Little Heroes (1992); The Time Machine (1978). His screenplay "Act of God" was a finalist at the 2003 Thunderbird International Film Festival in Cedar City, Utah. The screenplay is described thus: "Women have begun to give birth without men - asexual reproduction on a global basis. And no one knows why." Bio from Book of Mormon movie website (
Craig Clyde has been in television and film most of his adult life. He has appeared in over sixty major films and national television programs for all the major networks. In 1985 he was nominated for his first Emmy Award, followed by another nomination in 1989.

Craig is the co-founder of Majestic Entertainment, a motion picture production company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Craig currently has two motion pictures in development with Universal Pictures and Porchlight Entertainment.

Craig has written over forty feature film motion picture scripts. In addition, he has directed dozens of Hollywood stars, including: Mickey Rooney, Bo Hopkins, Brian Keith, David Bowe, Wilford Brimley, John Denver, Ernest Borgnine, Stacey Keach, Rue McClanahan, Scott Baio, Kate Jackson and many more.

K.C. Clyde
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Los Angeles, California. Also credited as: Kasey Clyde; KC Clyde. Had a starring (2nd billed) role as Elder Rogers, a worn-out missionary in Holland, in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Best Two Years" (2003). Major role in the TV movie "Miracle Dogs" (2003), which was written and directed by Craig Clyde. Supporting roles in the direct-to-video movies "Dumb Luck" (2001), "The Long Road Home" (1999), "Walking Thunder" (1997), "Heaven Sent" (1994), and "Wind Dancer" (1993), all of which were directed by Craig Clyde. Also had a small role in the independent feature-length film "Stranger Than Fiction" (1999) and the TV movie "Firestarter 2: Rekindled" (2002).

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