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Mary Christenson Aagard
Latter-day Saint. Born circa 1980. Hometown: Burley, Idaho. Currently lives in West Lafayette with her husband while he attends Purdue University. Sometimes credited as: Mary C. Aagard; Mary Aagard. Graduate from Brigham Young University (BYU) with a degree in Media Arts. Works in the interlibrary loan department at Purdue. Wrote the short screenplay "Washington County Fair," which competed in and received 3rd place the 2002 LDS Film Festival short screenplay competition.
Steve C. Aaron
Lives in Draper or Lehi, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Steve Aaron. Nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Miniseries or a Special for "Old Man" (1997). Sound mixer for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Singles Ward" (2002), the Feature Films For Families video "Return to the Secret Garden" (2000), and the Utah-made TV movie "Anya's Bell" (1999). Has worked on over two dozen movies. Production sound mixer for the TV series "Miracles" (2003). Other credits as sound mixer include: At Last (2005); Because of Winn-Dixie (2005); Mr 3000 (2004); Jeepers Creepers II (2003); Auto Focus (2002); Assassination Tango (2002); Big Bad Love (2001); My Dog Skip (2000); Detroit Rock City (1999); The Apostle (1997); Flipper (1996); Powder (1995); Fluke (1995); The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993); Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992); My Girl (1991); Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991).
Joshua Abboud
Lives in Spanish Fork, Utah with his wife, Kristin. Film student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Director of the short student film "The Mother Suffers with her Children," which competed in BYU's 2003 Final Cut film festival.
Adam Abel
Latter-day Saint. Born 9 September 1976. Lives in Orem, Utah. Sometimes credited as: R. Adam Abel. Location manager whose credits include the BYU-produced PBS series "Ancestors" (1997, 2000), the Latter-day Saint-themed feature films "Brigham City" (2001) and "The Singles Ward" (2002), as well as commercials, including Novell, AT&T, Peregrine, Handspring Visor, and adoption PSAs/ads for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Location manager and also production coordinator for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The R.M." (2003). Abel, a business management major at Brigham Young University, was the manager of the Remington Apartments in Orem, Utah when he used that location in "The Singles Ward." Location manager for the PBS documentary "The Call of Story" (2002). Abel was also the first assistant director of Alisa Anglesey's short film "In Time of Need" (1999), starring Ruth Hale, sold on video in Latter-day Saint Christian bookstores. Second assistant director and location manager for the award-winning short film "Freedom on the Water" (2002). Abel was one of two producers of the award-winning Latter-day Saint-themed World War II movie "Saints and Soldiers" (2003), directed by Ryan Little (who was also the other producer). Abel and Little gave a presentation at the 3rd LDS Film Festival (Jan. 2004) at which they talked about the success of their feature film "Saints and Soldiers" outside of the LDS market. Bio from "Saints and Soldiers" website (
Adam began his filmmaking career as an intern in the "creative affairs group" at Paramount Pictures in 1994. Upon returning from an LDS mission in 1997, he continued his career in film production. Working with such notable companies/organizations as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, HBO, CBS, Zion Films, HaleStorm Entertainment, Novell, Handspring, UTA and Cosmic Pictures (just to name a few). This has given Adam a wealth of production experience. The last few years have provided Adam extensive opportunity to work closely with Producers and Directors in managing/finding vital aspects for the production of many films and commercials. He is married to a wonderful wife, Amber, and the father of two children.

Michele Abrams
Latter-day Saint. Her family lives in St. George, Utah. Abrams was profiled in the article "Of Aspiring Actors" by Sue Bergin, BYU Today, Jan. 92, page 23. One of Abrams' first roles in a big production was the Disney Channel TV movie "My Life as a Babysitter" (1990). Soon thereafer Abrams had the 3rd-billed role in the TV movie "Nightmare in Columbia County" (1991), in which her sister was played by actress Jeri Ryan ("Seven of Nine" of "Star Trek: Voyager" fame). Abrams had a supporting role in the animation/live action hybrid feature film "Cool World" (1992), and then a major supporting role in the feature film "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1992). Abrams received 6th billing in "Buffy" (above 7th-billed Hilary Swank), but only 5 actors are listed on the official poster: Kristy Swanson, Donald Sutherland, Paul Reubens, Rutger Hauer, and Luke Perry. She had small roles in the feature films "Troll 2" (1992) and "Junior" (1994), and then a supporting role in the TV movie "Replacing Dad" (1998). In 1994 Abrams had a regular role as "Theresa" on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives." She also appeared in guest roles in a number of TV series, including: 7th Heaven; Murder, She Wrote; The Marshal; Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman; Beverly Hills, 90210; Parker Lewis Can't Lose; The Fanelli Boys.
Kim Abunuwara
Also credited as: Kim Jensen Abunuwara; Kim Jensen. Lives in Orem, Utah with her spouse, Ehab Abunuwara. Graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU). Actor and acting instructor. Had a small part in the HBO movie "Shot in the Heart" (2001). Bit part in the TV movie "Plainsong" (2004). Guest appearance on the December 16, 2001 episode "I'll Be Home for Christmas," which guest-starred the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in an episode about a family dealing with the aftermath of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. Made another guest appearance on "Touched by an Angel" in the 2003 episode "I Am An Angel."
Ricky Acker
Latter-day Saint. Born 22 February 1974 in Birmingham, Alabama. Created AckerFilm in September of 2002. Producer/director of "Trek" (2006), his second feature length film and first documentary commissioned by the Bessemer, AL Stake. Writer/producer/director of "Night and Day" (2003), his first feature length film which was shot in Birmingham, AL. Along with Kevin Redford, Karl Bowman and Scott Hurst, Acker was one of four writer/directors who created the four segments of the film "Post-Mortem" (1997). Each segment represented a different genre. Second camera and grip for the BYU student film "Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath" (1996), which is available on video.
Art Acord
Latter-day Saint. Born 17 April 1890 in Stillwater, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). Died 4 January 1931 in Chihuahua, Mexico (cyanide poisoning). Birth name: Arthemus Ward Acord. Sometimes credited as: Art Accord; Buck Parvin. Actor. Star of silent Westerns. Honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Appeared in more than 90 films between 1910 and 1929. Appeared in serials: "The Moon Raiders" (1920), "The White Horsemen" (1921), "Winners of the West" (1921), "In the Days of Buffalo Bill" (1922), and "The Oregon Trail" (1923). Held the World's Championship Steer Bulldogging title in 1912 and 1916. Most of his films are lost.
Maude Adams
Latter-day Saint. Most popular American actress during the beginning of the 1900s. Her life was the basis for the Jane Seymour character that Christopher Reeve falls in love with and travels backward in time to be with in the 1980 classic romantic film "Somewhere in Time." Profile Page
Butch Adams
Still photographer. Has done some work as a cinematographer. Has done still photography for Excel Entertainment musical artists such as Julie de Azevedo. Director of photography for the Jericho Road music video "Finding My Way Back To You" (2002), which was shot with 35mm film.
J. Todd Adams
Latter-day Saint. Actor. Member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Has extensive commercial and theatrical experience throughout Los Angeles. Attended Brigham Young University (BYU) in the late 1980s and early 1990s, where he was in the theater and film program. Had a major supporting role in the the independent feature-length film "Pure Race" (1995) and the feature film "Fly Boys," both of which were directed by Latter-day Saint filmmaker Rocco DeVilliers. Had supporting roles in the movies "Bounty" (2002) and "Warriors of Virtue" (1997). Had a guest appearance on the TV series "The West Wing" in 2003. Has had extensive stage acting experience, including numerous roles at the Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City, the Park City Shakespeare Festival and the Provo-based Actors' Repertory Theater Ensemble. Has performed with the San Francisco-based American Conservatory Theatre and the San Francisco Theatre Project, as well as the Pasadena Shakespeare Company. His voice can be heard on the audio book editions of "Fight Club" and "We Were the Mulvaneys." Bio from Pasadena Shakespeare Company (
J. Todd has recently played Orestes in Andromache at the Evidence Room and has appeared as a commedia dell'arte acrobat in Franco Zefferelli's production of Pagliacci at the LA Opera, starring Placido Domingo. He studied at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco where he performed in mainstage productions of Scapin, Dinner at Eight and The Dutchess of Malfi. With the Aurora Theatre Company he played Osvald in Ghosts and Frank in Mrs. Warren's Profession. He won a Drama-Logue Award for his portrayal of Will Draper in the world premiere of The Dead Boy at the San Francisco Theatre Project and another for his role of Lt. Ralph Clark in PSC's production of Our Country's Good. He has performed in numerous productions with the Utah Shakespearean Festival, Park City Shakespeare Festival and the Actor's Repertory Ensemble as well as working with A Noise Within where he played Ligniere in Cyrano De Bergerac. J. Todd's has also appeared in the feature film Warriors of Virtue.

T.C. Adams
Born 1941, Salt Lake City, Utah. Credited as an actor with a small role in the metaphysically-oriented film "Carnival of Souls" (1962).
Robyn Adamson
Utah-based actress. Had the female lead role in Joseph Osborn's low-budget feature film "No Dogs Allowed" (2002). She was also the second assistant director for "No Dogs Allowed." Smaller roles in the independent feature films "Nobody's Baby" (2001) and "Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde" (1993), and in the TV movies "Stolen from the Heart" (2000) and "Battling for Baby" (1992). Bio from The Mark Studio (
Robyn Adamson has been involved in the film industry in Utah for twenty years as a model, film, and commercial actress, voice talent, instructor, agent, makeup artist, stylist, photographer and casting assistant. Having such a broad perspective, Robyn is highly adept at analyzing actors' strengths and helping them refine those skills to maximize their money making potential.
As an actress Robyn is said to "help raise the bar in Utah" (Catrine McGregor), having several times won roles from name talent thus lending further confidence to filmmakers in the skill level of "local" talent.
She is also extremely involved in community efforts to broaden the work-base in Utah, whether negotiating with perspective clientele or lobbying on Capitol Hill.
Robyn believes that the potential to be extraordinary is inside all of us and no one should ever feel too small to make a monumental difference.

Ryan Adcox
Latter-day Saint. Served his mission in the South Africa, Capetown Mission. Social work major from California who studied at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. Assistant director of a number of Glenn Kau's feature-length student film projects at BYU-Hawaii, including "A Dangerous Game" (2001); "After Twilight, Before Dawn" (2001) and "The Waking Hour" (2000). Actor in these and other Kau films. Also participated in "Escape," "Dreaming of You," "Access Denied," "Dear Jane," and "Reflections of Eve." Adcox enjoys playing the harmonica and writing and reading poetry. In 2003 he was a member of the BYU-Hawaii Men's Choir.
Amy Addams
Latter-day Saint. Current BFA acting student at Brigham Young University (BYU). Has studied under Barta Heiner, Anne Sward-Hansen, Sandy Shotwell and Gayle Lockwood. DECA National Finalist, DARE Role Model, EFY Counselor. Extensive theater and commercial experience. Has performed at BYU, the Little Brown Theatre (Lindon, UT), Woodinville Theatre Co., and Missoula Children's Theater. Lead role in the low-budget film "The Lilac Thief" (Phatphurmunda Productions). Major role in "T.A.L.L." and featured role in an Institute Recruitment Video, both produced at LDS Motion Picture Studios.
Heidi Addison
Also credited as: Heidi Rataj Addison; Heidi Rataj. Married to BYU graduate Jeff Addison (Geof Addison). Graduated in 1991 from Brigham Young University with a degree in Film and Theatre. In 1996 both Heidi and Jeff Addison were employed by the TV production company Windancer, which produces the series "Home Improvement." Bio from BYU Theatre & Media Arts website:
Heidi started her television and film career in the Television Production, Product Resources and Post Production Departments of the Walt Disney Studios in 1991. She went on to work as a Production Supervisor and Associate Producer on projects such as "The Bonnie Hunt Show", "Cosby," "The Miles Family," "Men, Movies, and Carol", "Born Yesterday", "Moesha", and "Brooklyn South." She has worked with producers such as Rick McCallum, Bob Wright, David Letterman, Bonnie Hunt, Bill Cosby, Danny Jacobson, Ralph Farquhar, Stratton Leopold, Marc Lawrence, Steven Bochco, David Milch, Edward Bernero and Carol Burnett, as well as directors Thomas Schlamme, Luis Mandoki, and Doug Pray.

Heidi worked as an independent film producer with a feature short entitled "The Juror," starring Academy-Award nominee Robert Forster and shot by eight-time Emmy Award winner, Donald A. Morgan. In 1999, she was hired as Production Consultant for Columbus Entertainment whose clients included 20th Century Fox, LucasFilm and Paramount and USA Films. Recently, she was one of the producers of the highly acclaimed documentary "Scratch" which premiered at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival and released by Palm Pictures and Intermedia Film.

She is currently developing projects under her own company, Addison Productions.

Bio from crew information page of "Scratch" film website:
Heidi Addison started her television and film career in the Television Production, Product Resources and Post Production Departments of the Walt Disney Studios in 1991.

She went on to work as a Production Coordinator and Associate Producer on projects such as "The Bonnie Hunt Show", "Cosby," " The Miles Family," "Men, Movies, and Carol", "Born Yesterday", "Moesha", and "Brooklyn South." She has worked with producers such as Bob Wright, David Letterman, Bonnie Hunt, Bill Cosby, Danny Jacobson, Ralph Farquhar, Steve Traxler, Marc Lawrence, Steven Bochco, David Milch, Edward Bernero and Carol Burnett.

She worked as an independent film Producer with a feature short entitled "The Juror," starring Academy-Award nominee Robert Forster and shot by eight-time Emmy Award winner, Don Morgan. More recently, in 1999, she became a Production Consultant for Columbus Entertainment whose clients are 20th Century Fox, MGM, and Steven Bocho Productions. Recently, she returned to her first love, producing.

Heidi Addison loves to collaborate and work with talented Directors and Producers. She is currently developing a number of television and feature projects and will be formalizing an independent production company this year.

Vern Adix
Born 3 May 1912, Boone, Iowa. Died 25 March 1996, Salt Lake City. Long-time Salt Lake City-based actor. Drama professor at the University of Utah. As the 1st-billed star of 2 theatrically released fetaure documentaries by Charles Sellier: "In Search of Noah's Ark" (1977), which grossed $55,734,000 at the U.S. box office, and "Beyond and Back" (1978), which grossed $23,784,000. Also star of low-budget direct-to-video feature "Teen Alien" (1978). Author of a number of texts, including Theatre Scenecraft, Puppetry and Playmaking in the Classroom and Elsewhere. The Vern Adix collection at the Universit of Utah includes 9,746 prints and slides from productions of the many plays that Adix either directed or designed sets for, produced in Kingsbury Hall, Pioneer Memorial Theater, and Rice Stadium between 1943 and 1982, and at the Universities of Minnesota and Iowa, 1935-1943. Author of numerous plays (mostly adaptations of other material) available from Encore, including: Alice in Wonderland; Cinderella; The Doctor In Spite of Himself; Emperor's New Clothes; Gammer Gurton's Needle; The Griffin and the Minor Canon; Land of Oz; Ozma of Oz; The Patchwork Girl of Oz; The Princess and the Pea.
Jill Adler
Utah-based actress. Website: Bio from Plan-B Theatre's cast notes for A Place in the Sky (
If you don't recognize Jill's face, you might recognize her voice. Jill was "Roxy" on Rock99's Morning Freakshow here in Salt Lake City. She has a Master's degree in broadcast journalism from USC in Los Angeles and worked as a reporter for KUTV, KALL Radio and KCNR before spending the last four years with Mick and Allen. Although Jill has long been part of the acting scene in Utah through Kent Bateman's Actor's Repertory Theatre and Geoff Hanson's Studio 9, as well as local TV and movie projects, she makes her first foray into live theatre with A Place in the Sky.

Vanessa Afshari
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Credited as "Hair/Makeup Swing" for Blair Treu's feature film "Little Secrets" (2002).
Sila Agavale
Director of the 17-minute short film "Tagalong," which was screened at the The Utah Film & Video Center in November 2002. Director of "Prophets Rumba" and "Under the Fire Mat." Production assistant for "Battle For Brooklyn, "Lorenzo's Oil" and "Taken." Has acted on stage at the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley, Utah.
Christopher Aguayo
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Actor. Bit parts in the TV movie "The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All" (1999), the miniseries "Night Sins" (1997), and in Craig Clyde's direct-to-video family film "A Dog's Tale" (1999).
Christina Aguilera
Latter-day Saint (not currently active). Born 18 December 1980, Staten Island, New York. Birth name: Christina Maria Aguilera. Major American pop singer. Daughter of Shelly Kearns (Irish) and Fausto Aguilera (Ecuadorean). Her parents met while they were both students at BYU and they married in the Washington, D.C. Temple. Her father was a military officer and the family moved around a lot. She was raised as a Latter-day Saint when she was a young child, but her parents divorced when she was 7 years old, after which she lived with her mother. Her mother was reportedly still receiving home teachers when Christina was 9 years old. Since she was very young she wanted to be a singer. Christina was eight when she appeared on the nationally syndicated show "Star Search." At the age of 12 she was invited to audition for the new Mickey Mouse Club (a.k.a. "MMC Club"). She was accepted as a Mousketeer on the show, and stayed with it until the series ended a couple years later. She performed on the show alongside fellow Latter-day Saint actor Ryan Gosling and other young people who would also go on to stardom. The TV series launched her career, but she catapulted to superstardom beginning in 1999, with her breakthrough hit, "Genie in a bottle." Has appeared in numerous TV and cable specials and award shows. Performed at the 2002 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies in Salt Lake City. Has sung for the movies "Moulin Rouge!" (2001); "Pokemon the First Movie" (1999) and Disney's "Mulan" (1998), as well as the TV series "Como en el cine" (2001). TV guest appearances (all as herself) include: Beverly Hills, 90210; Access Hollywood; Boogie; CD:UK; Celebrities Uncensored; Diary; Late Show with David Letterman; Leute heute; Mad TV; Making the Video; On-Air with Ryan Seacrest; Operaci¤n triunfo; Otro rollo con: Adal Ramones; Player$; Punk'd; Saturday Night Live; Soul Train; Style Star; The Big Arvo; The Oprah Winfrey Show; The Osbournes; The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; Tinseltown TV; Top of the Pops; Total Request Live; Wetten, dass..?
Danny Ainge
Latter-day Saint. Born 17 March 1959, Portland, Oregon. Professional basketball player. Cameo appearances in the Hollywood feature film "Space Jam" (1996) and the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Singles Ward" (2001).
Michelle Ainge
Sometimes credited as: Michelle Ange. Actress who had one of the main female supporting role in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The Singles Ward" (2002). She played "Allyson," the waitress/bartender who invited the main character to her apartment and unsuccessfully attempted to seduce him. In the director's commentary on "The Singles Ward" DVD, lead actress Connie Young points out that Michelle is her best friend, and that they were worried that their confronational scene in the movie would be difficult. An "associate producer" of "The Singles Ward" was Don Ainge, and there was a cameo appearance by basketball player Danny Ainge, but Michelle's relationship to either of these individuals, if any, is unknown. She also had a bit part in the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "Out of Step" (2002), credited as "Michelle Ange."
Claudia Akers
Lives in Lisbon Valley, near Moab, Utah. Makes her living through tourism and movie jobs. Moab's first female jeep tour driver. Set security guard for the movies "Passion in the Desert" (1997), "Riders of the Purple Sage" (1996 TV movie), "Sunchasers" (United Artists) and "Larger Than Life" (MGM). Driver for commercials: Erickson Cellular (Full Blue Prod.), Honeycomb Comm. (Match Films). Akers (along with Kay Howe) founded the "Protect Our Resources Coalition", and joined the Mineral Policy Center and the National Wildlife Federation in appealing the BLM's decision to allow the mine in an area near where they live.
Sonia Alba
Utah-based actress. Also known as: Sonia Alba Brown. Graduated in Communications of the University of St. Mary's in San Antonio, Texas. Lived in Dallas, Texas before moving to Utah. Created the Triunfadores Sunshine newsletter for Nature's Sunshine.
Derrick M. Albiston
Lives in Sandy, Utah. Sometimes credited as: Derrick Albiston. Student in the Film Studies program at the University of Utah. Filmmaker. His films: the 3-minute "Wish You Were Here", described thus: "Believing that there is one person who will take her from the caged world of expectations, she follows to find herself." Also: "You Killed Me First" (2:25), described thus: "A young man sheds his old skin because of life's pain, only to discover the pain of not liking his new self." Both films competed in the Utah Short Film & Video Festival, June 2002.
Robert C. Alcott
Lives in Utah. Sometimes credited as: Rob Alcott; Robert Alcott; Bob Alcott. Transportation captain for Blair Treu's "Just Like Dad" (1995) and "Wish Upon a Star" (1996), and "The Paper Brigade" (1996), Matias Alvarez' "Coyote Summer" (1996), and William Clark's "Windrunner" (1995), David McKay's "Breaking Free" (1995), all produced by Leucadia Film Corporation. Transportation captain for the independent films "Partners in Crime" (2000), "Stranger Than Fiction" (1999), and the TV movie "In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion" (1992). Driver for "Neon City" (1992).
Jose Maria Oliveira Aldamiz
First convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Spain. First Stake President in Spain. Film director and distributor. Profile Page
Terry Alderman
Lives in Kanab, Utah with his wife Linda. Also known as Terry G. Alderman. Master still photographer. Credited as still photographer for the Leucadia movie "Windwalker" (1995), which was filmed partially in Kanab, Utah. The Center Street Gallery in Kanab features his photography. At "Terry's Camera Trading Company" (19 West Center Street in Kanab), he offers 1-day photo workshops that take photographers to the lesser-known, lesser photographed backcountry of N. Arizona and Southern Utah. Trips can be arranged on a drop in basis. While you are in his shop, don't miss his unique camera museum.
Stephen Aldridge
Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Along with 8 other filmmakers, made the 23-minute film "Messages: A 2002 Olympic Documentary," which was shown at the 2003 Utah Short Film & Video Festival. The film focuses on aspects of Utah's culture during the 2002 Olympics.
Patrick Alexander
Utah-based actor. Small role in "The Creator's Game" (1999), a feature film produced mostly by BYU students. Minor roles in the feature films "Bats" (1999), "The Way of the Gun" (2000), "Nobody's Baby" (2001), "Road to Redemption" (2001), and "Primary Suspect" (2000). Did voiceover work for the IMAX film "Grand Canyon." Photo double for James Belushi in the HBO movie "Made Men" (1999). Has apeared in commercials for GM, IBM Tivoli, Novell and McDonald's. Minor appearances on TV series: Touched by an Angel; The Huntress; Under Cover; Walker, Texas Ranger.
Rahne Alexander
Latter-day Saint. Born 19 October 1969, in Murray, Utah. Raised in the Church by parents who were converts. Not currently active, but still close to her parents, who are active Church members and supportive of her. Parents wanted Rahne to attend BYU or the University of Utah. Went to USC. Transgendered (born male, now female). GLBT activist and artist whose work includes some film/video. Profile from The Fund For Women Artists (
Citizen Rahne Alexander is a Baltimore-based trannyfemme author, performance artist, musician and theorist. Her performance repertoire includes live music, standup comedy and guerilla theatre. She has recorded music in several genres, including folk and dance. Her writing ranges from a monthly column on trans identity to philosophical treatises on gender theory and feminism, from comic book zines to parody news... Current projects include: ...Transmodern Age : Invitational art happening, film/video/performance collaboration with Kristen Anchor

Sara Alexander
Latter-day Saint. Born circa 1839, Wheeling, West Virginia. Died 24 December 1926, New York, New York. Nationally famous pioneer-era stage actress. Became a silent film star. Subject of the article: "Sara Alexander: Pioneer Actress and Dancer", by Sandra Dawn Brimhall, Utah Historical Quarterly, no. 4 (fall 1998): 320-33. Star in films including: The Jungle Trail (1919); The Woman the Germans Shot (1918); The Glorious Adventure (1918); Little Miss Happiness (1916); Caprice of the Mountains (1916).
Charo Alger
Utah-based actor. Also credited as: Chato Alger; Chad "Chato" Alger; Chad Alger. Played a bus station guard in the TV movie "Firestarter 2: Rekindled" (2002). Guest appearance on "Touched by an Angel." Additional camera assistant for the Leucadia film "Windrunner" (1995).
Kamee Aliessa
Utah-based child actress during the early 1980s. She played the little girl who leaves her mittens at the home of Mr. Krueger (Jimmy Stewart) in the classic film "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (1980), produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She played "Shawn" in the feature film "Harry's War" (1981). Both of these were directed by Academy Award-winning director Kieth Merrill.
Abraham Allen
Salt Lake City, Utah area filmmaker. Sometimes credited as: Abe Allen. Graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in design engineering. Director of "THE BIG SHOW with Abe Allen", which premiers local talent in music, film/video, and comedy. Part of a group known as "Local Filmmakers," loosely organized by fellow filmmaker Spencer Christensen. The group is committed to making films which maintain high ethical as well as high artistic standards. Appears in Spencer Christensen's short film "No Where to Run" (2003).
David Allen
Stand-in for the 2nd-billed star (Nick Cassavetes) in Blair Treu's "Just Like Dad" (1995). Production assistant for Lee Groberg's documentary "Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail" (1997).
Esther Allen
Credited with "wardrobe" (costume design) for the BYU/LDS Motion Picture Studio film "Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story" (1996). On-set wardrobe for the BYU/LDS Motion Picture Studio film "Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath" (1997).
Jacqui Allen
Latter-day Saint. From Mesa, Arizona. Lives in Utah. Was a lead dancer on the Richard Simmons video "Sweatin' on Broadway" (Artisan Entertainment). Had a supporting role in the independent film "The Window" (Solis Entertainment). Had small roles in the ABC TV movie "A Mothers Revenge" (1993) and in a number of corporate films. Early work included Latter-day Saint theatrical productions, including "Angels Among Us" and "A Christmas Carol." Spokesperson in the videos "What is Institute?" and "Excellence in Teaching." Appeared in the "World Day of Prayer: Sept. 11, 2002" public service announcement. Has also acted in commercials. [Note: There is another actress named "Jacqui Allen" who has appeared in such movies as "Runaway Bride" and "Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows." This is NOT the same person as the Mesa-born actress.]
Joseph L. Allen
Latter-day Saint. Dr. Joseph L. Allen is a Book of Mormon scholar who is the primary expert appearing in the documentaries "Lehi's Land of First Inheritance" (2002) and "In Search of Ancient Cumorah" (2001), available on video in Latter-day Saint bookstores.
Mark Allen
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Utah County. Cinematographer of the video "Tyler: A Real Hero." Vice President of Title House. On the advisory board of the Vision Film Festival in Los Angeles, 2001. Producer of the videos "Information Democracy", "The Journey of Discovery" and the Japanese version of "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" for Franklin Covey. Film editor for "Center Street," a TV show for teens and young adults produced by the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints.
Rob Allen
Latter-day Saint. Graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU). Faculty member in production design at BYU. Currently works as the Senior Production Designer and Animator at the Center for Instructional Design (CID) at BYU. In this position he oversees the production of a large proportion of the 3-D instructional pieces for online Independent Study courses and supplemental teaching multimedia. A filmmaker of short film "Signal Strength," directed by Travis Deming and Randall Day. The film competed in the International Young LDS Film Festival in 2001 and was voted Best Animation at BYU's Final Cut film festival in 2002. Director of the 4-minute animated film "How They Go" (2002), which competed at the LDS Film Festival in 2002, and is described thus: "What is it that makes each child so different, particularly when surrounding circumstances appear to be the same? Explore these differences as captured in the moment when each child leaves the nest to make something of himself." "How They Go" was created for BYU faculty member Dr. Randall Day's Marriage, Family and Human Development class.
Ron Allen
Born in 1953 in Salt Lake City. Utah state senator. Appears in Menasheh Fogel's documentary "Many Wives: Vows of Silence" (2000).
Stephen B. Allen
Latter-day Saint. Managing director of the Church's missionary department. Has been an executive producer over film and television projects for the Church -- projects by both Bonneville and the LDS Motion Picture Studios. Executive producer of the "Homefront" PSA commercial series, the film "First Vision" (2003), shown at the new Hill Cumorah Visitor's Center, and of "Carnival of the Animals" (1986), a video directed by Stanley Ferguson. Executive producer of the classic film "Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (1980), starring famed actor James Stewart, directed by Kieth Merrill, and produced by Bonneville for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Sue Anne Allen
Utah-based actress. Studied acting under Anne Sward-Hansen. TV guest appearances on "Cover Me" and "Touched by an Angel." An extra on the miniseries "Firestarter: Rekindled" (2002).
Terra Allen
Utah-based actress. Major roles in the TV movie "Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder" (2000) and Clay Essig's independent feature film "Fortune Cookie" (1999). Small roles in "Address Unknown" (1997) and "The Rage" (1997). Stage roles include "Marvin's Room" at Provo Theatre Company.
Travis Allen
Lives in Utah. Sound designer for the short film "A Truce with Death" (1993), about Latter-day Saint pioneers. Included in the "special thanks" section of the credits of the Latter-day Saint-themed short film "Roots & Wings" (2002). Sound mixer and foley artist for the BYU-made PBS documentary "The Call of Story" (2002). Sound engineer for Latter-day Saint recording artist Julia Davis Allen's album "Order in the Chaos." Foley artist for the BYU/LDS Motion Picture Studio film "Fourth Witness, The Mary Whitmer Story" (1996).
Jim Allman
Latter-day Saint. Lives in Los Angeles, California. Sometimes credited as: Sometimes Credited As: James Allman; Jim Beatty. Currently works under the name "Jim Beatty." Played Elder Smithson and Uncle Ed in church films "Labor of Love" (1990) and "God has Delivered Me" (1995). Small role in Church-produced 70mm film "Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd" (2000). The actor relates an interesting detail about the "Testaments" film: He was the initial choice for the role of Jesus Christ, but was passed over because some of his theatrical stage acting while at The Salt Lake Acting Company in the early 90s was deemed controversial. Principal role in the film "Ski Patrol" (1990), which was filmed in Utah. Principal role playing Al Gore in the VH1 original movie "Warning: Parental Advisory" (2001) (husband of lead female character Tipper Gore played by Mariel Hemmingway). Extensive commercial and industrial film experience. Photo shoot for Japanese Panasonic print ad with George Lucas (Star Wars) as "Toad" from "American Graffiti" with a number of other characters from Mr. Lucas' films. Studied at the University of Utah Acting Training program under Ken Washington who is now with the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and guest directs at The Juilliard School; also Sandra Shotwell, and Scott LaFeber. Work on stages throughout Utah including: Promised Valley Playhouse, University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Lagoon Amusement Park, and Salt Lake Acting Company. Graduated from the University of Utah in 1993 and has worked in New York, Washington DC, and Texas as a Marketing Communications Specialist. He now lives and works full-time as an actor in Los Angeles.
Quinn Allman
Latter-day Saint (non-churchgoer as an adult). Guitarist for the rock band "The Used." He and his band was one of many featured in the direct-to-video comedy horror film "Punk Rock Holocaust" (2004).
Corbin Allred
Latter-day Saint. Born 25 May 1979, Salt Lake City. Served a 2-year mission in Australia. Starring roles on TV series "Teen Angel" (1997-1998 as "Steve Beauchamp") and "Social Studies" (1997 as "Chip Wigley"). Starred as "Josh Kirby" in 6 "Josh Kirby: Time Warrior" direct-to-video movies. TV guest roles include: Boston Public; Judging Amy; Dharma & Greg; C.S.I.; Sabrina, the Teenage Witch; Touched; Step by Step. Star of the video "Christmas Mission," about a Latter-day Saint missionary. 3rd billed role in the feature film "Diamonds" (1999), with Kirk Douglas, Dan Ayckroyd and Lauren Bacall. 2nd billed star in "Quest of the Delta Knights" (1993). Major roles in TV movies "Blue Rodeo" (1996) and "No Dessert Dad 'Til You Mow the Lawn" (1994). Smaller roles in other films, including "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" (1993). Lead role as "Deacon" in the award-winning LDS Cinema movie "Saints and Soldiers" (2003).
Dane Allred
Lives in Springville, Utah with his wife, Debbie. Drama teacher at Springville High School. Was one of the stars of the direct-to-video film "Daniil Kharms' The Old Woman" (1999), directed by Duane Andersen. Smaller role in Andersen's short film "Shooting People" (2001). Bio from when he and his wife were torch bearers for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah (
As a drama teacher at Payson High School, which is also in the Nebo School District, his family enjoys having their vacation time together. He also acts in local plays including Sundance, the Springville Playhouse, the Villa Theatre and at Brigham Young University, where he also teaches public speaking part-time as adjunct-faculty. He also enjoys gardening and writing. He has also run the St. George Marathon three times, dedicating the first marathon six years ago to his wife and her fight with cancer. Highlight Presented During Community Celebration: Dane is a drama teacher at Payson High School. He acts in local plays and teaches public speaking part-time at BYU. He has run the St. George Marathon three times, dedicating the first to his wife and her fight with cancer.

Jason Allred
One of three credited production assistants for the Latter-day Saint-themed feature film "The R.M." (2003).
Mike Allred
Latter-day Saint. Birth name: Michael Dalton Allred. Also creditd as: Michael Allred; Red Allrod. Wife: Laura Allred. Brother of science fiction writer Lee Allred. Mike Allred is best known as a professional comic book writer and artist. Allred had a successful run as penciller on Marvel Comics' "X-Statix" and "X-Force" series. He is also known for his own titles, "Madman" and "The Atomics." In 2004 he released a comic book adaptation of the Book of Mormon, titled The Golden Plates: The Shape of All Things. Composer, producer and star of the low-budget science fiction films "Eyes to Heaven" (2000) and "Astroesque" (1996). Was also the writer and director of "Astroesque" (a.k.a. "Beatific: The Twelfth Man"). Had a cameo appearance as himself in the Kevin Smith feature film "Chasing Amy" (1997). (Kevin Smith is a long-time comic book fan who has often included comic book references and professionals in his films.) Allred wrote the comic book series "G-Men from Hell," which was adapted to the same-titled low-budget feature film in 2000. Allred did the artwork for the "Bluntman & Chronic" action sequences in "Chasing Amy." Allred also created logos and artwork for the movies "Mallrats" (1995) and "The Faculty" (1998). Plays in the Eugene, Oregon-based band "The Gear," which has performed music for his films.
Owen Allred
Latter-day Saint (splinter sect, not the mainstream Church). Born 15 January 1914 in Blackfoot, Idaho. Died 14 February 2005 in Bluffdale, Utah. Birth name: Owen Arthur Allred. Polygamist who lives in Bluffdale, Utah. Appears (as himself) in Menasheh Fogel's documentary "Many Wives: Vows of Silence" (2000). "Was the head of the Apostolic United Brethren, one of Utah's largest polygamous Mormon denominations. He reportedly had 8 wives, raised 23 children and 25 stepchildren, and was estimated to have more than 200 grandchildren."
Viviana Alonso
Lives in Provo, Utah with her husband Alberto. Credits as a production assistant include: "Rhythm and Hues Studio" (which won a 1996 Special Effects Oscar), "Speed 2", "Babe", "Star Trek The Experience". Special effects credits include: "True Lies", "Apollo 13" "Species", "Cliffhanger."
Richard Alsop
Latter-day Saint. Also known as: Dick Alsop. Lives in Draper, Utah. Retired President and General Manager of Bonneville Communications, the Salt Lake City-baed media company owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Narrator for the short film "Last Day at Carthage" (1967), produced by the Church. Bio from Bonneville Communications (
Vision is a word often associated with Dick Alsop. While he would shrug off the compliment, Dick's peers would undoubtedly credit him as the catalyst behind many of Bonneville Communications' most successful "visions."

A native Utahn, Dick's role in advertising evolved from academics through broadcasting and creative to management. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Communications in 1964, the same year in which he started as a tape duplication operator at KSL Radio. He soon moved into writing, producing and announcing for the International Educational Broadcasting Corporation and later supervised program development.

In 1970, Dick conceived, wrote, and produced pilot spots for "Homefront," the now well-known, highly-awarded public service campaigns sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Broadcast initially by several hundred stations, the family-oriented PSAs now air over 10,000 radio and TV stations and networks in the US and abroad.

In 1976, Dick was named President of the newly-created Bonneville Productions, which in 1984 became Bonneville Media Communications and later Bonneville Communications [BC]. Under his guidance, BC grew from a production house to a values-driven communications company specializing in full-service advertising and high-quality production. Today, BC displays the industry's highest creative awards and claims an impressive roster of national clients who utilize the agency's creative, media, and research capabilities.

Dick's vision is primarily focused on his marriage and five children and is often extended into deep space through his Newtonian telescope. In addition, Dick recently served as mayor of Draper, Utah.

Mark Alston
Utah-based actor. Voice actor on the "Bradbury Thirteen" radio dramas produced at Brigham Young University in 1989. Small role in the feature film "Ski Patrol" (1990), which was filmed in Utah.
Karen Alvarez
Lives in Park City, Utah. Married to film director Matias Alvarez. Second unit production supervisor for the hit Disney movie "The Princess Diaries" (2001). Post-production coordinator for "The Secret Garden" (1993). Production coordinator for many commercials, including: McDonald's, Wheaties, Quantas Airlines, UTA, Panasonic. Location manager or scout for: "Enemy" and "Terror in the Family", and commercials including Bank One, Sears, Kellogg's.
Matias Alvarez
Lives in Park City, Utah. Married to film worker Karen Alvarez. Director of of the Leucadia feature film "Coyote Summer" (1996), and the (short?) film "Genie." First assistant director for the Leucadia direct-to-video movies "The Paper Brigade" (1996), "Just Like Dad" (1996), "Windrunner" (1995) and "Breaking Free" (1995). Assistant director for the HBO movie "The Maldonado Miracle" (2003), directed by Salma Hayek. First assistant director for the major feature film "The Joy Luck Club" (1993), based on the Amy Tan novel, and first assistant director on numerous other feature films and TV movies made in Utah, including: Going to the Mat (2004); Edge of America (2003); Right On Track (2002); Double Teamed (2002); Hounded (2001); The Poof Point (2001); The Luck of the Irish (2001); Nobody's Baby (2001); Partners in Crime (2000); The Runner (1999); Stranger Than Fiction (1999); SLC Punk! (1999); Clay Pigeons (1998); A Life Less Ordinary (1997). Also, 2nd assistant director on "China O'Brien" (1990) and 3rd assistant director on "Wait Until Spring, Bandini" (1989). Production assistant on the TV movie "Evil in Clear River" (1988).
Jim Alvey
Utah-based director. Director of the "Julie de Azevedo: Pray For Rain Concert Tour" video (1998). His company, Jim Alvey Productions, did the video post production for the video.

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