In It, But Not Of It
Trent Hanson's basketball movie

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9 March 2002 - We have been informed about a new basketball-themed feature film being developed by actor Trent Hanson. This information came from a producer associated with the project.

According to IMDb, Trent Hanson has appeared in a number of made-for-television movies, including "Dying to Belong" (1997), "Whose Daughter Is She?" (1995), "The Man with Three Wives" (1993) and "Evil in Clear River" (1988). His television appearances include guest roles on Gideons Crossing, The Practice, Party of Five, Felicity and Touched by an Angel.

Witman provided the following additional details:

Jaron Peterson, a high school and college basketball star, seduced by the NBA and a lifestyle different from his LDS upbringing, must make some tough decisions about a mission, family and friends.

- rpm productions, in association with Double Edge Films.
- In pre-production.
- Shooting scheduled for may 2002, in Utah, Las Vegas and L.A.
- In negotiations for several name actors, which may give it a little bit of a Hollywood feel.
- Set for release in fall 2002.

Original screenplay by Trent Hanson, who just optioned a script, "Stumbling Forward," to Sony (Columbia, TriStar). Hanson is also set to direct the film.

A member of the church, grew up in Utah, then relocated to L.A. Began his career in Utah at age 14, acting in a movie of the week. Since then he has acted in numerous films and television shows. But it was in L.A. that he started writing screenplays, which eventually led to directing. Was invited to the Sundance Institute in '99 and '00.

Film will not just be aimed at an LDS market. But will be friendly to members and non.


6 January 2003 - Trent Hanson, the director of "In It, But Not Of It," has provided an update about this production. Due to an increased budget and the actors' schedules production has been pushed to 2003. Pre-production has begun. The director anticipates using songs from some of the country's most popular recording artists in the soundtrack. Hanson named the distributor he expects will handle the theatrical release of the movie. I won't pass on the name yet, but it is a major niche market and "art film" distributor which has released about 30 feature films in mainstream theaters during the 10 years, grossing over $240 million total.

An official web site for the movie should be online next week. A teaser for the film will be in theaters by the end of February. A line from the teaser: "Life, love, choices... Sometimes only one moment... to ... live ... in it, but not of it.