Adam Alone
David Howard's comedy "what if?" about Eden

Pacific Island Films Announces The Launch Of A New Film Division, Sweetwater Films, Slated To Produce Latter-day Saint-Themed Movies

By: Pacific Island Films

[Excerpts from the press release which relate to "Adam Alone" are reproduced below:]

Los Angeles - September 17, 2001

Sweetwater Film's Mormon-themed slate includes some sweeping historical epics, some contemporary dramas, and even an unusual, thought-provoking "what-if" comedy set in an imaginary Garden of Eden, written by award-winning screenwriter, David Howard (Galaxy Quest).

..."With films like Hazel & Rose, Patience Loader, Adam Alone, Little Man, Sweetwater Ford, The Ben Thompson Story, Glenna's Graduation, The Downey's Under, The Sugar Beets, and many others currently in development, we hope to see Sweetwater Films become a major force in the faith-related markets and a recognized brand name for quality, humanity-affirming entertainment which is so lacking in today's Hollywood," affirmed Stubbs [executive producer Steven Stubbs].

Adam Alone presented as a play

Source: Sunstone Symposium 2000 Program
24. ADAM ALONE, a play (reader's theater).
DAVID HOWARD, playwright and co-writer of the screenplay of very successful movie Galaxy Quest.
LINDA BON, as Eve, has an MFA in Acting from UC San Diego, and is the mother of three.
JOHN ENOS, as Adam, hails from Northern California, has a BA in Theatre from BYU, and is married and has three kids.

CHAIR: JEFF PARKINS, author of a forthcoming book on creativity; screenwriter

A hilarious and fanciful treatment of the story of Adam and Eve that explores what might have happened had Adam refused to partake of the fruit after Eve did. In this satirical view of the sexes, Eve leaves the garden and begins to experience the challenges of mortality, while Adam remains blissfully naive. The play examines such questions as innocence and experience, risk and growth, ignorance and knowledge. Includes question and answer with the playwright afterwards.

Who is David Howard?

David Howard, the writer of "Adam Alone", has long been a playwright, but he is best known as the award-winning screenwriter of the science fiction comedy "Galaxy Quest."

"Galaxy Quest" won both the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award for best dramatic presentation, making Howard only the second Latter-day Saint to win both awards. (Orson Scott Card has also won both awards.)

Howard has become a frequent commentator on theater, screenwriting, and Latter-day Saint media, and has participated in multiple film festivals and symposia, such as the 2001 Vision Film Festival in Los Angeles (alongside Academy Award-winning director Jerry Molen and famed television producer Glen Larson).

Howard's other works include "The Fast", which made a successful five-week run at the Rose Theater in Venice, Calif.; "Electric Roses", published by Samuel French Books; and The "Rite of Spring", produced by Second Stage in southern California.

Howard graduated from SUU with a bachelor's degree in theatre. He is also the holder of an MFA degree from the University of Utah, and a master's degree in theatre from Penn State University.

"Galaxy Quest" grossed over $71 million at the U.S. box office, making Howard one of the most successful Latter-day Saint screenwriters of the last 20 years. (In terms of U.S. box office receipts, Howard is surpassed in recent times only by Samuel W. Taylor and Charles E. Sellier, Jr. With international box office and video/DVD sales included, "Galaxy Quest" probably outdistances the combined gross revenue of Sellier-authored films.)