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Pride & Prejudice
A Latter-day Comedy
directed by Andrew Black
from the novel by Jane Austen

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Talking Pictures: "Pride and Prejudice"

By: Tony Toscano
Date: December 2003
Source: Talking Pictures

Surprisingly, for a low budget release, "Pride and Prejudice" isn't too bad at all.

The comedy has some real laughs and a pretty nifty script. It does have a timing problem with some scenes that run a bit long - but over all the film works.

It gets 2 1/2 stars [out of 4] and is rated PG for mild thematic elements.

LDS Cinema Gets Better and Gets a Bum Rating

By: Thomas C. Baggaley
Date: 20 February 2004
Source: Meridian Magazine


Several people have written to ask me why, with the recent releases of Pride and Prejudice and Halestorm's latest feature The Home Teachers, I haven't written any reviews of these films. The fact is that I have been sequestered from the world in preparation for some very important exams that are just around the corner for me, and it would take something extraordinary to bring me out of my cocoon right now. Well, actually it took TWO extraordinary things...