Passage to Zarahemla
a movie by Chris Heimerdinger

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Humdinger of a Heimerdinger

By: Elyssa Andrus
Date: 12 November 2003
Source: Utah County Daily Herald

Deseret Book and Utah adventure writer Chris Heimerdinger have announced plans to turn Heimerdinger's newest novel, "Passage to Zarahemla," into a motion picture.

According to a news release, the movie is scheduled to begin production in the spring of 2004.

Heimerdinger -- a popular LDS author best known for his "Tennis Shoes" series -- will direct the movie, play a minor character and write some of the songs for the soundtrack. He has also written the film's screenplay.

If all goes well, Heimerdinger intends to release the movie in winter 2005.

According to a news release, and we quote, "Chris has been anxious to jump on the bandwagon of successful LDS feature films for some time." At least he's admitting to being a follower.

The release further said the author was "actually a filmmaker" before he was ever a novelist, having majored in film in college and interned at the Sundance Film Institute.

But, now that we think about it, that is quite a bit more experience than many would-be LDS filmmakers have padding their resumes. We wish him well in his efforts to write/direct/fund raise/co-star/compose.