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"The Legend of Johnny Lingo" (2003)
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Review Roundup

Numerical average of these graded scores: 53.4 (out of 100)
  Average score is 2.5 stars out of 4, or a "C+" freshness score: 14.3%
  14 reviews counted: 2 positive; 12 negative

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[In the table below, the column labeled "RT.c" shows a plus or minus sign, indicating whether the website rated the review mainly positive (+) or negative (-). Reviews with nothing in the "RT.c" column (that is, they have no plus or minus by them, were not catalogued by the website, and are not included in the score.]

SourceReview AuthorRT.cGradeGrade
as #
Kathy Cano Murillo Arizona Republic + 4/5 78
The Movie Show (KSL News Radio, SLC) Doug Wright 3/4 75
Grading the Movies Donna Gustafson + B 75 Ted Baehr 3/4 75
Salt Lake City Weekly Scott Renshaw 2.5/4 63
Salt Lake Tribune Sean P. Means - 2.5/4 63
St. George Spectrum / Mad About Movies Bruce Bennett - 2.5/4 63
Dallas Morning News Gary Dowell + C+ 59
Deseret News Jeff Vice - 2/4 50
Ogden Standard-Examiner Steve Salles 2/4 50
Red [Utah weekly art/entertainment magazine] Jeremy Mathews 2/4 50 Eric D. Snider - C 50
Looking Closer Jeffrey Overstreet - C 50
One Guy's Opinion Frank Swietek - C 50
Movie Parables Michael Elliott - 2/4 50
The Movie Chicks Cherryl Dawson, Leigh Ann Palone - 2.5/5 45
Tooele Transcript-Bulletin (Utah) Audrey Rock-Richardson - C- 42
Orlando Sentinel Jay Boyar - 2/5 34
Orlando Weekly Steve Schneider - 1.5/5 23 Pete Croatto - 1.5/5 23

The following reviews did not include a "grade," but they were given a "fresh" or "rotten" rating (+ or -) by

SourceReview AuthorRT.c

The following reviews did not have a number or letter rating, nor were they catalogued by the website:
Meridian Magazine Thomas C. Baggaley positive
Catholic News Service David DiCerto positive
Focus on the Family Rhonda Handlon positive
Ethics Cliff Vaughn positive
Variety Scott Foundas mixed
Las Vegas Mercury Tammy McMahan negative
Fort Worth Star Telegram Catherine Newton negative

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