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Day of Defense
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Review Roundup

Numerical average of these graded scores: 20.0% (out of 100)
  Average score is 1 star out of 4, or a "D-" freshness score: ??%
  1 reviews counted: 0 positive; 0 negative

[In the table below, the column labeled "RT.c" shows a plus or minus sign, indicating whether the website rated the review mainly positive (+) or negative (-). Reviews with nothing in the "RT.c" column (that is, they have no plus or minus by them, were not catalogued by the website, and are not included in the score.]

SourceReview AuthorRT.cGradeGrade
as #
Ogden Standard-Examiner Steve Salles 1/4 25
Deseret News Jeff Vice 1/4 25
Salt Lake Tribune Sean P. Means 1/4 25
Salt Lake City Weekly Scott Renshaw 1/4 25 Eric D. Snider F 0

The following reviews did not include a "grade," but they were given a "fresh" or "rotten" rating (+ or -) by

SourceReview AuthorRT.c

The following reviews did not have a number or letter rating, nor were they catalogued by the website:
Daily Universe / BYU NewsNet Joe Ghiz negative